New Referral Program

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Hello Everyone,

We are making a dramatic change to the Philip Pelusi Referral Program. This will be a great opportunity for us to really stimulate New Referrals within the company. This program worked with incredible success when opening the New Block/Northway Salon location. It is still working great for them as of today. We have decided to role it out across all salons.

Here is how the program works:

  • The Referring (existing) Guest gets a $25 Credit to their account for each New Guest they refer who receives a service in our salon
  • New Guests receives 20% off their first visit

New Referral Program Instructions:

  • Card must be given to Salon Staff by New Guest at their first Visit.
  • Cards need to be returned to office with paperwork.
  • All Referrals will be checked for authenticity.
  • We are not to prompt a New Guests about being Referred by an Existing Guest. These need to be legitimate Referred Guests.
  • We have changed the procedure so that when you mark the Referring Guest in the New Guest’s file, the Referring Guest will automatically receive $25 in credit for use on a future visit.
  • When that Referring Guest comes in, we need to “Thank” them for sending us a New Guest and let them know they will receive $25 off today’s visit.
  • We also want to let them know they can continue to receive these $25 credits anytime they refer additional Guests in the future that are serviced in our salon.

I hope you view this tool as another way to help you build your Guest following.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.



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Congratulations to the following Designers listed below for Advancing in Skill Levels and/or Increasing their Specialized Pricing this Month!

Great Job everyone!

Emily: Artistic 1 and Specialized Pricing
Tina: Artistic 1 and Specialized Pricing
Holly: Senior Level and Specialized Pricing
Chelsea: Senior Level and Specialized Pricing
Corina: Specialized Pricing
Michelle: Specialized Pricing

South Side:
Amy: Specialized Pricing
Cameron: Specialized Pricing
Kaitlyn: Specialized Pricing
Kristen: Specialized Pricing
Lacey: Specialized Pricing
Shannon: Specialized Pricing
Breanna: Specialized Pricing

Jackie: Artistic 1
Nikki: Artistic 2
Karly: Premier
Maggie: Premier

Sq Hill:
Liz: Artistic 2
Aja: Artistic 1

Kendall: A1

Jill: Specialized Pricing
Kris: Specialized Pricing
Renee: Specialized Pricing
Shelly: Specialized Pricing

Mickaela: Specialized Pricing

Maureen: Specialized Pricing
Renee: Specialized Pricing
Rheanna: Specialized Pricing

Minda: Specialized Pricing
Tatianna: Specialized Pricing
Amanda: Specialized Pricing
Kelsey: Specialized Pricing

Training Resumes at Philip Pelusi Center for Talent Development

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Monday we happily re-opened up our Philip Pelusi Center for Talent Development to resume training. We donned our mask and hand sanitizer, as Monday’s training focus was our Introduction to Wella Train-the-Trainer Class. The class was taught virtually through Zoom by Wella Trainers and included some of the top Philip Pelusi Trainers and Color Influencer’s in our company.

We thank the following for attending:

  • Daniel – From Sq Hill/Siena
  • Shelli – From Siena
  • Joe – from Southland
  • Julie – from Robinson
  • Liz – from Sq Hill
  • Andrea – from Westmoreland
  • Debbie from Fox
  • Charlie from Fox
  • Alex – from Monroeville
  • Kristen – From South Side
  • Christy – from Robinson
  • Dani – from the Block Northway
  • Salon Group Leaders Lisa and Gina

Next Month we will be starting up our New Stylist Training on Tuesdays.


A Guest Responds…

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I felt the need to email you to thank you for having amazing people working at your salons. I have never been to one of your locations , but my 86 year old Mom needed a new place to go as her salon of 40 some years has closed. I do not want her going anywhere right now but she’s insisting, I called your location on Murray Ave and spoke with such a sweet girl.

I’m not sure if her name was Amanda even though she told me it several times. I asked her many, many questions. She talked with me for almost 10 minutes assuring me of the precautions they are taking to make the environment safe. She told me of 4 hair dressers that would be great for my Mom, she gave me prices, and the whole 9 yards. I’m still not 100 percent ready for my Mom to go out but when I am that’s the salon we are going to!!

And I greatly look forward to meeting this young lady!!

Thank you

– Leanne

A Guest Responds…

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THANK YOU soooooooooooooooooo much for this email!! I just called the Robinson Salon, making 10 more appointments, into January 2021 with my stylist, Barbie. They were wonderful, patiently taking each one of my requests.

I appreciate receiving your emails. You sent one out a few months ago telling everyone to NOT use boxed color. I was going to attempt coloring my hair myself. I did NOT based on your email. A friend of mine did color her hair and said it was a disaster.

Thank you again,
– Nancy