Philip Pelusi Video Contest…

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To all Philip Pelusi Employees,

While we are shutdown, we are running a Social Media Video contest for all employees that are interested in taking part. This includes Designers, Buzz Agents, and Guest Services.

The contest will run from today until April 30th.

We are asking our employees to make 60 second tutorial videos directed to our Guests during this time of being closed.

You should post them to Instagram and Facebook, and Please text to me in order to be considered for contest.

We will pick the best 20 videos and award the creator of the videos $25.00 for each one chosen. (You can win multiple times if chosen).

You can go to the following Instagram accounts to see some great examples:
Shannon/Siena (shannon_hairjedi) and Deb from Fox Chapel (Debra_d71)

Here are some subject matter ideas:
• Tips for Styling
• How to us Tela Dry Shampoo to refresh your hair
• How to do a Hair and Scalp conditioning Mask for your Hair at Home
Take advantage of the time you have! Treat Your Self!
• How to and not how to Cut Your Bang
• How to do loose Braid
• The Messy Ponytail
• A Zig Zag Part to hide the roots

Have fun and be sure to send me the videos.