A BIG BAH Philip Pelusi Positivity Report starring RP Product Specialist Paige shared by her Salon Leader Dani!

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Paige from Ross Park

Huge congratulations and thank you to Paige, Product Specialist at RP, for her incredible October BAH results reported by her Salon Leader Dani!  Dani says, “I had to send a huge shout out about Paige.  Paige did $1160.51 in BAH for the month!!  This is another month where she exceeded $1000 in BAH!!!!  This girl is nothing short of amazing when it comes to educating her guests!  This is truly an amazing accomplishment!”  And Philip confirms this puts Paige in the top 15% of product producers in the company!  Congratulations Paige and job well done!  High BAH numbers means you are consistently every day, every guest connecting with those guests, a great consultation, problem solving with products at every point of the service and helping the guest with their product purchases.  So proud of you!  Thank you, Dani for always sharing your Product Specialists achievements! ~ Nikki

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