A High Achievement Philip Pelusi Positivity Report starring RP Product Specialist Paige shared by her Salon Leader Dani!

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Paige is rockin’ products at RP!!!  Dani shares, “Another shout out to Paige!  She educated and sold 10 products to two Walk-in Guests today!!!!!  We have a contest at Ross and for each product that is educated and purchased the designer gets a tree with the dollar amount for each product on the back of the tree.  At the end of the month we tally up the dollar amounts and the designer with the highest amount wins a prize!  Have to say Paige usually takes it every month!!  And with this sale I’m sure this will push her way over the top!!  Paige was THE perfect pick to be a Product Specialist!!  Her skills are unreal!!  Just another Positivity Report for our Paige!!”  WOW thank you Paige and congratulations!!  Your dedication and awesome education skills proving great results!  And the guest benefits too with fabulous hair they can recreate at home!  Thank you also Dani!  You are a positivity machine!!!  And this pic of Paige is great!! ~ Nikki

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