A phenomenal BAH Philip Pelusi Positivity Report starring RP Product Specialist Paige shared by her Salon Leader Dani!

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Thank you Dani for sharing this incredible Paige product achievement!  Dani reports, “Huge kudos to Paige for the month of November!  Her total BAH for the month was $2,126.22!!!!!  She educated 16 product systems since the beginning of November!!!!!  Paige is on the floor helping other designers educate as well and it is working!!!  This girl is truly amazing, and I had to make sure you knew her huge achievement!!!”  WOW, way to go Paige!  Fabulous guest communication, product personalization and problem solving with products!  And this is really a guest retention achievement too in that they are gonna love their hair and create stronger guest loyalty.  Dani also shares, “The trees on Paige’s mirror represent systems and the snowflakes represent individual products educated.  Just a little added visual incentive for the designers!!”  You are a super motivator Dani!!!  Congratulations Paige and thank you!! ~ Nikki

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