AN AWESOME Philip Pelusi Positivity Report starring Westmoreland Product Specialist Andrea reported by fellow Salon Leader Rosemary!

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Congratulations to Product Specialist Andrea for her incredible workshop presentation!  Rosemary shares, “Andrea did a fantastic job at our workshop getting the staff pumped for our upcoming Smart Styling sale!  She re-educated the staff on all of the wonderful uses of each product and how there’s something for everyone in our smart styling line!  She had the staff talk about their favorite products and what their favorite aspect of that product is.  It was great to see the staff sharing their favorite things, some of them the rest of us had never thought about!  Way to go Andrea!”  Wow, thanks Rosemary for sharing this amazing feedback!  I checked in with Andrea, she shares, “Westmoreland is focusing on Beauty at Home in the month of February.  We had a round table discussion at our workshop.  And we re-educated Smart Styling Products and shared usage and benefit tips.”  Thank you, Andrea for all you do as a Product Specialist!  Thank you too Rosemary for sharing this with us and for this fabulous photo! ~ Nikki

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