Texture Tamer ~ P2 Increase Smart Styling Treatment

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Texture Problem: Fine Hair Types

A common problem for fine, especially sparse density, hair textures is lack of structure, volume, and texture.  Hair more often than not goes flat or limp quickly after styling and won’t hold its style throughout the day.  How to solve it?

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Philip Pelusi Product Problem Solver: P2 by Philip Pelusi Increase Smart Styling Treatment

What It Does: This high-tech texture building styling product and leave-in treatment is totally unique in that it works from inside the hair fiber instead of coating the outside like traditional gels and holding products. 

Instead, P2 Increase dramatically increases volume, style ability and longevity while leaving hair feeling natural and looking modern.  Best on fine, limp, lifeless hair but can be used by anyone who wants bigger, fuller, thicker feeling hair.

Key Ingredients: No crispy exterior coatings, P2 Increase contains Philip’s proprietary big science plant derived microemulsions that embed deep into the hair fiber changing the way hair performs and feels from the inside, building crisp texture, increasing volume and shine as well as providing heat, color, and UV protection.

How To Apply: Apply a pea to nickel size to clean damp hair from root to end.  And if desired top with another Philip Pelusi styling product.  Then air, diffuse or blow dry to desired style.

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NEW! Texture Tamer ~ Tela Curl of My Dreams!

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Texture Problem: Frizz on Curly Hair Types

A common problem curly hair textures can experience is frizz.  And although there are so very many types of curly hair, frizz can be a universal issue.  Changing weather and styling issues also contribute to this problem.  How to solve it?

Philip Pelusi Product Problem Solver: Tela Curl of My Dreams ~ Curl Boost Anti Frizz Serum to the rescue!

What It Does: This revolutionary curl defining elixir instantly boosts and defines curls and waves while eliminates frizz for easier, longer lasting style and tons of shine.  Curls staying smoother and more sculpted while helping to eliminate separation and frizz.  Curls feel natural, never crunchy, or stiff.

Key Ingredients: The Hydro Charged Pelusi Ceramide Complex, Patent Pending and Organic Quinoa create spring, shine, definition, and strength.  Tela’s exclusive Organic Hydrating Blend of Marshmallow Root, Mountain Ladybell, Plantain, Reishi Mushroom and Solomon’s Seal weightlessly moisturize and help protect color from fading.

How To Apply: Apply to dime to nickel size to clean, damp hair.  Apply a bit more for longer thicker hair.  Can be used alone or with another Philip Pelusi product.  Air-dry or diffuse-dry.  Tousle curls after completely dry if desired.

And check out these two beautiful curly hair Volumetric Haircuts created by our very own Jaqi and Jill, both at CRN!

And to see ALL Philip Pelusi Texture Tamers click on… Texture Tamer (busystylist.com)