Xtreme Fact! No Heat Penetration!

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The Chic Geek by Nikki B. ~ Product Education Director

P2 by Philip Pelusi Xtreme Liquid Repair Spray does not need heat to penetrate the hair.  Why? 

Because this product’s strengthening plant protein microemulsion molecules are made super small through Micro Emulsion Technology so they slip right into the hair fiber. 

100% penetration in 3 minutes max!  But heat helps quicken and deepen this process!

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Chic Geek “Less is Not always More, especially with Haircare Ingredients”

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by Nikki B. ~ Product Education Director

The well-known phrase “less is more” is said to mean that “having just the essential things is better than having way too much of superfluous things and that this allows you to focus on what matters”.  Well, this might be true when it comes to reflecting on what is most important in life but absolutely not true when it comes to building a hair care formula.  Let’s explain.

USDA Certified Organic Bilberry image source Organic Facts

Today, many haircare and skincare companies tout the idea that fewer ingredients somehow means a product formula is simpler and therefore more natural.  They allude to the idea that products containing longer ingredient lists are somehow bad and full of chemicals or bad ingredients.  That might be true of other product manufacturers but NOT true of products created by Philip Pelusi.

USDA Certified Organic Chinese Orchid

Less ingredients means simply that there are less ingredients in their formulas.  And anything containing less ingredients is simply less expensive to make, period.  Again, this is NOT how Philip makes his products.  One prime example of how more is more at Philip Pelusi is the Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Proprietary Blend of 35 USDA Certified Organic Ingredients.

USDA Certified Organic Fig

Wow, who else has a base blend of 35 ingredients?!?!  Philip’s Tela 35 USDA Certified Organic Ingredient Blend is indeed a rare breed.  Philip’s precision-made blend of 35 USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Certified Organic antioxidants, anti-irritants, weightless moisturizers, strengthening proteins, super fruits, sun protection, and anti-color fade ingredients deliver optimum health and unprecedented anti-aging, healthy hair benefits.  And is threaded throughout the entire Tela product line.

USDA Certified Organic Pomegranate image source simplyrecipes

This magnificent blend not only amps up the fabulous results to the hair and scalp but also makes the formulas much more expensive to make.  But Philip has always held a standard of a 100% commitment to quality.  His formulas need to perform perfectly for his Stylists and Guests to get just the right results in the hair.  Drumroll please!  Here are those 35 ingredients…

USDA Certified Organic Wolfberry

Tela Proprietary Blend of 35 USDA Certified Organic Ingredients: Organic Apricot (Prunus Armeniaca), Organic Burdock (Arctium Lappa) Root, Organic Bilberry (Vaccinum Myrtillis), Organic Bupleurum (Bupleurum Falcatum), Organic Carrot (Daucus Carota), Organic Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum  Muriflorum), Organic Chinese Orchid (Dendrobium Nobile), Organic Chinese Giant Knotweed (Polygonum Cuspidatum), Organic Dandelion (Taraxcum Monogolicum), Organic Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis), Organic Fig (Ficus Carica), Organic Fo–ti (Polygonum Multiflorum), Organic Forsythia (Forsythia Suspensa), Organic Ginkgo Biloba (Ginkgo Biloba), Organic Grape (Vitis Vinifera), Organic Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis), Organic Horsetail (Equisetum Arvene), Organic Kiwi (Actinidia Chinensis), Organic Ku Shen (Sophora Flavenscens), Organic Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Uralensis), Organic Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum), Organic Milk Vetch (Astragalus Membranaceus), Organic Mongolia Oak (Quercus Mongolica), Organic Oolong Tea (Camellia Sinensis), Organic Pine Bark (Pinus Tabulaeformis), Organic Plum (Prunus Domestica), Organic Pomegranate (Punica Granatum), Organic Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum), Organic Rhodiola (Rhodiola Rosea), Organic Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum Officianalis), Organic Tangerine (Citrus Reticulate), Organic Tomato (Lycopersicon Esculentum), Organic Water Celery (Oenanthe Javanica), Organic White Tea (Camellia Sinensis), Organic Wolfberry (Lycium Barbum)

Chic Geek “Mystery Solved! Philip’s P2 Soft Wax ~ The Science & History of this Styling Marvel! Part II”

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by Nikki B. ~ Product Education Director

In Part I we dove into the key ingredients in P2 Soft Wax.  Now here is how the whole process comes together, combining these incredible ingredients while altering the physical properties of the hair during styling!

P2 Soft Wax is a heat activated product.  It is applied to freshly shampooed and conditioned hair along with one other additional “modifying” product, which I will explain later.  The product is worked in from the ends, the most fragile part of the hair, up to the roots.  Then systematically working from the nap to the front hairline the hair is blown dry smooth, section by section, with a blow-dryer and brush with the airflow of the dryer always flowing downward. 

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What happens here is the heat from the dryer melts the P2 Soft Wax down the hair shaft and with the help of the brush and the airflow’s downward direction, the cuticle is blown into a smooth formation, laying tight and sealed against the cortex of the hair.  This translates into a smooth texture which feels silky and looks shiny.  Meanwhile the Hyaluronic Acid moisture is deposited helping to ward off damage during styling and leaving the hair buoyant and full of life!

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Once that section is completely dry, not semidry, but fully dry, the cool shot on the dryer should be switched on and again with the brush and a downward airflow, the cuticle is sealed shut.  The stylist or client should continue in this same manner throughout the hair until completed. 

So, you can see, this process would not work without P2 Soft Wax, but the proper styling technique is also critical for success!  Therefore, a proper styling lesson is essential if the guest will be duplicating their look at home.  Stylist + product + proper technique = beautiful hair!  With the proper products and a killer blowout technique, a flat iron is barely required if at all!

image source theskincareedit versace-ss12-hair

Now, let’s explain the “modifying” product!  P2 Soft Wax is for blow-drying smooth fine, medium or coarse hair of any density.  P2 Soft Wax was never designed to be used alone unless it is as a demi-matte finish pomade on short, cropped cuts to groom and control thick textures. 

So, to perfect your product mix to match the guest’s texture add one of the following products in the palm of your hand along with only a pea size to dime size of P2 Soft Wax, as it is extremely concentrated.  Try P2 Fixative mixed with P2 Soft Wax on fine hair, mix with P2 Potion on medium texture and P2 Polish for coarse bulky textures!  Or come up with your own winning combination!

Chic Geek “Mystery Solved! Part I ~ Philip’s P2 Soft Wax ~ The Science & History of this Styling Marvel!”

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by Nikki B. ~ Product Education Director

One of the many reasons Philip Pelusi started creating hair products was his dissatisfaction with the choices of products on the marketplace.  As a curly hair individual himself and stylist of all textures, he didn’t feel the products on the market met the texture needs of his coarse, curly or wavy clientele.  He wanted to create smooth lustrous locks for clients desiring a smooth blowout look.  So, he invented P2 by Philip Pelusi Soft Wax many moons ago.

image source cosmopolitan

Philip created his first version of P2 Soft Wax in the 1970’s, light years ahead of its time.  He has updated this formula several times over the decades to meet his up-to-the-minute technology credo.  Also, around this same time in the 70’s, hair-drying equipment was moving away from the old-school hooded dryer to a new and wonderous way to dry your hair, the blow-dryer!  So, Philip wanted to marry these two concepts, a guest using this newly invented blow-dryer along with a brush to style their hair with a revolutionary hair product to create the smooth texture while providing superior heat protection.

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So, enter the sleek science of P2 Soft Wax!  Why science, you ask?  Because P2 Soft Wax uses revolutionary ingredients along with the science of altering the physical properties of the hair to create soft, silky hair fabric.  But how?  Two of the key ingredients in this creamy conditioning balm are Hyaluronic Acid and Emulsifying Wax USP and wow do these two ingredients create a powerful combo for smooth hydrated hair.

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Hyaluronic Acid is a powerhouse skincare humectant with Philip being the first in the hair industry to use this in haircare products.  It is deposited into the hair fiber replenishing moisture lost through chemicals, color, heat styling and longer, and by default, older hair.  This added moisture makes hair look and feel lustrous and perform better as well as provides heat protection.  Next, he added Emulsifying Wax USP, a shampoo soluble, no buildup heat protector and cuticle smoother.  USP meaning it is a top-shelf pharmaceutical grade level ingredient, the absolute best in its class. 

image source pureessentialsupply

Stay tuned!  Next, in Part II, we’ll look at how the whole P2 Soft Wax process comes together, how these incredible ingredients work hand in hand with altering the physical properties of the hair during styling!

Chic Geek “May The Force Be With You ~ Tela Life Force That Is!” ~ Part IV of IV

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by Nikki B. ~ Product Education Director

A recent Statista survey showed, “More than 50% of consumers prefer natural or organic skincare products.  Approximately 70% between the ages of 18 – 29 and 60% between the ages of 30 – 59 prefer natural or organic skincare products.”

image source howtoapplyhairproduct

In addition to being Vegan, Color Safe, Free from Gluten, Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Formaldehyde and Sulfates, Tela Life Force also contains these additional revolutionary ingredients.  Philip’s Patent Pending Hydro Charged Pelusi Ceramide Complex.  This plant derived cosmeceutical breakthrough helps strengthen, seal in color and hydrate.  Certified Organic Quinoa.  This grain is a complete protein containing all 8 essential amino acids to help strengthen hair and create shine.

image source quinoa aridagriculture.com

Philip’s proprietary Certified Organic Regenerating Blend comprised of Burdock, Red Sage, Horsetail and Reishi Mushroom strengthens while serving as antioxidants to help prevent color fadage.  Certified Organic Peppermint and Aloe sooth and calm the scalp.  And these no water formulas are based instead in a super charged color protecting blend of White, Green and Oolong Tea.

image source pinterest

To learn about each individual product in The Tela Life Force Collection, be sure to watch these videos…The Tela Life Force Virtual Product Class and The Tela Root to End Recovery Hair and Scalp Treatment Video to learn the step-by-step process of this exclusive in-salon service!  Click here to view: Tela Virtual Product Classes (busystylist.com)  “May the force be with you”, Tela Life Force that is!

Chic Geek “May The Force Be With You ~ Tela Life Force That Is!” ~ Part III of IV

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by Nikki B. ~ Product Education Director

One expert says, “Several clinical trials have suggested that probiotics in skin care may have the potential to transform the skin at the dermal and sub-dermal level.  It has been found that supplementation of probiotics reduced cellular damage and promoted cellular renewal.  Probiotics have also been found to be slowing the process of aging…preventing collagen damage and by involving in skin hydration process.”  Pramanik R., Euro Cosmetics

image source draxe.com

Tela Life Force is comprised of the Power Shampoo, Power Conditioner, The Fountain of Hair Vitality Serum, Probiotic Scalp Scrub and Probiotic Hair Mask.  And one of the collection’s headlining ingredients is Philip’s proprietary Tela Hair Immunity Complex™.  This blend is designed to help give the scalp the healthiest environment possible from a cosmeceutical product.

The Tela Hair Immunity Complex™ is a combination of Pre and Probiotic Enzymes derived from the Fermented Kelp Extract in the complex.  Probiotics are derived from fermented foods such as sauerkraut, yogurt, and our Fermented Kelp Extract.  Prebiotics act as a rich fertilizer to enrich work of probiotics.  Those are found only in plants, mostly vegetables.

image source Wikipedia

Philip’s Fermented Kelp Extract helps strengthen and hydrate leaving hair shiny, full of body, increased elasticity.  Seaweed is also main source of antioxidants that help fight oxidation, inflammation of the scalp, help protects color and strength from free radical pollutants.  And last Kelp is abundant in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and proteins!  But there’s more!  Tune in tomorrow for Part IV, the final chapter in our Tela Life Force series!

Chic Geek “May The Force Be With You ~ Tela Life Force That Is!” ~ Part II of IV

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by Nikki B. ~ Product Education Director

In Style Magazine shared these interesting stats.  “81% of women say they feel the most confident when their hair looks great.  72% say feeling good about their hair is empowering.”

image source GettyImages and Allure

One major component to a healthy head of hair is a healthy scalp microbiome or scalp surface.  How does this work?  Philip applied the same thinking and benefits of pre and probiotics inside the body to the scalp.  Healthy skin and scalps have specific microflora, known as good bacteria, that help guard against the growth of harmful bacteria that negatively impacts scalp’s health and strength. 

Good bacteria helps protect skin’s integrity.  So, if too much good bacteria is removed from the skin or scalp surface, such as through harsh shampoos, the scalp cannot function at its optimal level of performance and prematurely ages the skin.

image source pinterest

The Tela Beauty Organics Life Force Collection contains pre and probiotics that help the scalp rebalance its microflora, helping it to flourish.  This in turn helps provide a healthy scalp environment for hair growth.  This means healthy, strong, vibrant, shiny, well performing hair.  In fact, Philip was the first on the professional marketplace with the pre and probiotic hair and scalp concept.  Want to learn more about these products?  Tune in tomorrow for Part III in our Tela Life Force series!

The Chic Geek “May The Force Be With You ~ Tela Life Force That Is!” ~ Part I of IV

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by Nikki B. ~ Product Education Director

Forbes Magazine wrote in a recent article, If you “ignore the thing that houses each hair follicle (the scalp)” that is “like ignoring the soil from which your precious plants grow.  You’ve got to nourish the soil.  My regular skincare regimen covers all the essentials…and the same goes for a scalp treatment.  It’s smart to incorporate it into your regimen.”

image source eatthisnotthat

This is one of many recent articles about the importance of scalp care.  Guests read these and are therefore tuned into this huge emerging trend.  And Philip Pelusi is far and away ahead of everyone with healthy scalp care research and development with his groundbreaking formulas The Tela Beauty Organics Life Force Collection!

image source allure

This “all textures” product line takes a proactive approach to a healthy scalp environment and a healthy head of hair much like the approach most take when it comes to antiaging skin care.  Start early, get on a good daily regimen, be consistent and use the right products with the goal in mind being younger healthier looking skin.  Think skincare for your scalp!  Want to learn how?  Tune in tomorrow for Part II!

The Chic Geek “Mystery Solved! Philip’s Non-Aerosol Policy ~ Light Years Ahead of Its Time!”

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by Nikki B. ~ Product Education Director

Today, product lines touting their environmental safety seems to be the norm.  But did you know that Philip Pelusi took this stance way back when he started creating hair care products over 50 years ago?  It’s true!  Philip Pelusi has NEVER created an aerosol product. 

No aerosol sprays, no aerosol mousse, no aerosol anything, not even in the 1960’s and then again not in the 1980’s when these types of products were in high demand by the public from which he could have had thousands of products sales.  But he still said no, aerosols do not fit into his product creation credo.

Why?  Well, we believe that Philip must have an internal crystal ball in which he can see into the future, seeing today’s “green” trend way ahead of anybody.  But he could also see what was right in front of him too, meaning he looked around his salon knowing he wanted to help protect the safety of his guests, his stylists, their hair, and the environment from the foe of the aerosol product.


Let’s unpack this!  Philip believed then and still does now that he that does not want himself as a stylist, his employees or his guests breathing in harmful aerosol fumes day in and day out, week after week, month after month, year after year.  He felt this would be dangerous to the body.  Think about it, stylists doing hair in a relatively small space with fumes whirling about on a consistent basis.  And it turns out decades later he was absolutely right!


Also, he believed that these aerosol carcinogens would inevitably be bad for the environment too.  Perhaps not ruin the ozone layer on their own but be a contributing factor to poorer air quality for the consumer using the product.

Additionally, Philip’s chief concern has always been with the quality of the guest’s hair fabric.  His mantra has always been that our hair is the most important fabric we wear.  We wear our hair fabric every day!  Hair products play one of most important roles in protecting and enhancing the hair texture and condition.  So why put drying carcinogens onto the hair via aerosol sprays or mousse?  Philip simply said no to that.

Instead, Philip created a strengthening non-aerosol mousse and 4 incredible non-aerosol styling and finishing sprays, P2 by Philip Pelusi Liquid Mousse, P2 Fluid Spray, P2 Define Root Lift Spray, P2 Rivet Finishing Spray and P2 Industrial Finishing Spray.  All non-aerosol and containing good for the hair ingredients such as plant proteins and moisturizers, UV filters and antioxidants.  And all of these formulas have been updated throughout the years too!

And one last mystery to unfold here, Philip’s intentional use of a small amount of an alcohol-derivative in his hairsprays so support his non-aerosol initiative.  Why?  Because all of Philip’s sprays are non-aerosol, they needed a way to get out of the bottle and onto the hair, to literally turn from a liquid into a spray.  And SD-Alcohol 40 is a safe way to do this!  Not a traditional “drinking” alcohol, this alcohol evaporates the second it hits the air. 

Simply put, the liquid “spray” comes up from the bottle up through the dispenser and then when it leaves the bottle, the split second it hits the air, this alcohol-derivative evaporates turning the liquid into a fine mist allowing it to disperse onto the hair without any alcohol getting onto the hair at all.  A non-aerosol workaround, if you will, to allow stylists and clients to get the hold and style they are looking for but with zero aerosol anything involved!

For more information about Philip’s Styling and Finishing Sprays go to our Philip Pelusi company website (click here) P2 Virtual Product Classes (busystylist.com) and view the P2 by Philip Pelusi Virtual Product Class ~ Special Effects ~ How to Shape, Craft and Hold!

The Chic Geek “Don’t Break My Concentration!!”

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by Nikki B. ~ Product Education Director

image source: nondirective.org

Today, there is a lot of conversation and marketing about ingredients.  What is in a product and what is not in a product.  But what isn’t talked about so much is the level of concentration of the overall formula.  An ingredient can be a great ingredient but if there isn’t much of that ingredient in the product or the product is watered down, then it has no positive impact on the hair or scalp.

image source: careergirldaily

That’s NOT how Philip Pelusi creates a product!  The opposite in fact.  Philip hand selects the best quality, best result ingredients.  But he also makes what are known as the highest concentrated formulas in the hair care marketplace.

Most product formulas on the market contain about 80% water and only 20% ingredient concentration.  You can clearly see how ineffective these products and the ingredients therein would be to the hair and scalp.  The ingredients simply serve a marketing purpose so the company can say “we have this or that ingredient” in their product.

image source: carnegieinstitutionforscience

Instead, Philip Pelusi products contain 80 – 100% active ingredient concentration and only 10 – 20% base blend ingredients!  The opposite of other products on the market.  P2 and Tela Shampoos and Conditioners contain 90-100% ingredient concentration and all other P2 and Tela products contain 80% ingredient concentration.

Every formula created needs some type of base for all other ingredients to be mixed into.  Just like cooking.  If I am making marina sauce, I will start off with the finest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then add garlic and so one until I build the entire recipe of marina sauce. 

image source: simplyrecipes

The same is true with product creation.  Most companies start with 80% water as their base and then add the actual “effective” ingredients.  This is a much cheaper way to make a product.  Philip does NOT make his products this way.

Also, Philip’s “10 – 20% base ingredients” are specially formulated “base blends” that additionally have benefits to the hair and scalp.  Two examples of this are the 100% USDA Certified Organic Aloe in the P2 Shampoos and Conditioners and the 100% USDA Certified Organic White, Green and Oolong Tea in the Tela products.

image source healthista

But most guests don’t know this!  It is up to us as Stylists to tell our guests this.  As you all know, we are the catalysts to make the product come alive and special to the guest with information and styling tips etc. 

Otherwise, it’s just stuff in a bottle and anyone can try to sell stuff!  We don’t!  Instead, we offer the path to achieving great, strong, beautiful, healthy, stylish hair!  Philip Pelusi Stylist + Philip Pelusi Products = Beautiful Hair!