Philip Pelusi Trend Tip ~ Pixie Cuts

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Hair goes to extremes in 2020 with both very long lengths and super short crops ruling the trend world.  Short cuts take center stage with stars like Ruby Rose, Zoe Kravitz and Halsey wearing this trend.  The cut is short, close to the head, often referred to as a Pixie Cut, and the texture can be any type from curly to pin straight. 

First, get your personalized Pixie Cut!  Schedule a free consultation with your Skill Certified Philip Pelusi Stylist, trained in the art of Volumetric Haircutting, Philip’s patented method of cutting hair that works on all hair types, densities and textures.  Then let the shearing begin!

But the real trick to wearing this trend is the ability to be a shape shifter, meaning, you wearing your Pixie Cut styled in a varied of shapes and finishes.  And execute these shape shifting maneuvers, you’ll need a creative arsenal of grooming products to mold, sculpt and slick the hair.

For a soft, pliable and somewhat glossing finish, try P2 by Philip Pelusi Honey.  This luscious product is filled with Honey and Honey derivatives all spun into an easy to apply hydrating groom.  Apply a dime size amount all over damp hair then blow-dry your shape.  Then apply fingertips amounts to dry hair to peak and smooth your Pixie shape.  P2 Honey stays pliable all day to you can continue to move your Pixies as the mood strikes you.

For a stiffer but non-crispy hold, try P2 Soft Wax.  The powerful skincare humectant Hyaluronic Acid combined with a creamy shampoo-soluble Emulsifying Wax provides a somewhat stiffer hold than P2 Honey and a demi-matte finish with zero build-up.  A pea size amount can be applied to damp hair to be blown dry smooth.  Then a pea to dime size applied to dry hair to shape your Pixie.  P2 Soft Wax will set up into a last all-day shape but without the crisp of a gel.

But if a crisp, never move hold is what you want, try P2 Hard Stuff.  It is seven times firmer than any other gel on the market helping create and hold stiff firm spiky Pixie peaks.  Yet, shampoos clean away without any buildup on the hair or scalp.  Apply a dime size amount to wet or damp hair and mold into position then let airdry.  Fingertip amounts can be added once the hair is dry to finesse the ends into crisp peaks that won’t budge all day.  And its fresh Lemongrass scent smells fabulous!

Philip Pelusi Trend Tip ~ Smokey Gold Hair Color

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Gold toned hair color is turned on its head this season by adding a bit of a smoky hazy rose tone to it!  Smokey Gold Hair Color is a warm blonde hue with just a dash of smoky rose added to it.  The Smokey Gold trend is generally worn as a balayage style color with a warm golden tone of varying depths throughout but it’s the dusty smoky rose tone that can be either more prominent or more subtle depending on the look you want to create.

This Smokey Gold Color works best on long hair but can work on short styles too.  Just remember the shorter the hair length the more solid the color should become either leaning towards a more prominent rose or golden hue.

But caring for this color creation that makes all the difference in preserving a color investment.  To start, we recommend our revolutionary color protecting shampoo and conditioner P2 by Philip Pelusi Fade de Phy Shampoo and Fade de Phy Conditioner.  Willow Bark helps protect from color fadage up to 80% in between touch ups. 

We also recommend applying our in-shower hair strengthener P2 DailyHaiRx Xtreme Hair Repair after every shampoo.  Its plant protein microemulsion helps lock in the color molecules as well as help repair hair color and heat styling damage.  Mist onto freshly shampooed wet hair and top with P2 Fade de Phy Conditioner, leave on while showering, then rinse thoroughly.

Then in addition to this more traditional approach to cleansing and conditioning we also recommend one of the biggest trends in haircare technology; the no suds skincare cleansing approach to shampooing hair.  Try P2 Clenz Crème No Sudsing Cleansing Conditioner.  More of the hair’s natural oils remain on the hair and therefore helps control the hair’s texture and simultaneously helps preserve color molecules as well.  Hair is gently cleansed with Philip’s exclusive Sugar Cane Cleanse micro-emulsion to gently cleanse surface debris while never leaving hair in a too-clean state. 

To further help preserve color, condition hair and manage texture, P2 Clenz Crème is also specially formulated with Philip’s new exclusive Pelusi Bio Polymer Complex containing Organic Baobab Seed Protein and Organic Baobab Seed Oil.  Philip chooses only organic hand-picked Baobab Seeds to obtain the Baobab Oil and Baobab Protein from sustainably sourced, small community farms where the Baobab Tree grows in Africa.

Philip Pelusi Trend Tip ~ Flipped Out Bobs

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Don’t be afraid LOL! We are not talking about the Mary Tyler Moore or Mrs. Brady flipped out bobs from decades gone by. This new decade rings in a whole new Flipped Out Bob trend as worn by stars Reese Witherspoon, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Boynton and more at the recent Golden Globe Awards.

These red carpet beauties wore these perfect for daytime looks all glammed up for nighttime. The hair is approximately chin length or slightly under, styled close to the head, no teasing, no height at the crown but instead a smooth, modern, sleek flip. The color is up for grabs here, anything goes. The specifics are in the cut and the styling. Classic bob cut but crafted to flip up not under. The styling products are a bit heavier. We are not styling for volume here but for texture. Hair, in a good way, looks a little product heavy and glossy.

First, get the cut! To get this look, book a free consultation with your Skill Certified Philip Pelusi Stylist, trained in the art of Volumetric Haircutting, Philip’s patented method of cutting hair that works on all hair types, densities and textures. The Flipped Out Bob is a precision haircut that requires the expertise of someone who understands face shapes as well as the texture, fall lines and growth patterns of the hair to get your bob to style perfectly.

The power in this look’s styling is in the finishing products. First, shampoo and condition with your favorite Philip Pelusi Shampoo and Conditioner that suit your texture. But for styling and the finish styling, grab a grooming product that will help hold hair closer to the head but can help maintain the flip. Try P2 by Philip Pelusi Honey for a somewhat lighter finish or P2 by Philip Pelusi Soft Wax for a denser heavier hold.

Both products can be used on the hair wet or dry and both are shampoo soluble and wash clean from the hair. Both hydrate and help protect from heat damage. And both will help control and mold your Flipped Out Bob. First, apply dime to pea size amount throughout damp hair and styling into a flip. Either airdry or blow-dry into a flipped look using a round or paddle brush.

Then apply pea size amount of either product to dry hair from root to end. Continue to apply until you reach your desired look. Remember the Flipped Out Bob is not designed to swing or move so you can go a little heavy handed in your application. One last tip is to choose a part before styling your hair, either straight down the middle or off to one side!

Seasonal Solution ~ Winter Scalp Routine

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One New Year’s resolution to consider is a winter scalp routine as a seasonal solution to winter dandruff.  Even if you never get a flaky scalp all year round, cold temperatures and dry indoor heat can change the conditions of your skin resulting in a dry, itchy and flaky scalp.  Here are a few tips to help keep this problem under control.

Add an Exfoliating Shampoo:  Keep your everyday Philip Pelusi shampoo in the mix but a couple times a week give your scalp a deep clean with a good exfoliating shampoo to help eliminate surface flakes.  We recommend our P2 by Philip Pelusi Exfoliating Treatment Shampoo.  It contains the skincare exfoliant Salicylic Acid which helps to gently lift and remove dead skin cells that lay on the surface of the scalp.  The more persistent the flake problem, the more frequently to use the shampoo.  But it’s gentle enough to use every day.  Also, if the problem is more severe, simply leave the shampoo on a few minutes under a plastic cap to allow it to penetrate more deeply.  Remove the cap, gently re-lather the scalp and rinse thoroughly.  Tip!  This shampoo treatment can also be applied to a loofa puff to exfoliate dry feet, legs and arms while in the shower.

Add Hydration:  Just like the skin on our hands get drier in the winter, so do our scalps.  Dry seasonal dandruff usually starts because there isn’t enough moisture on the scalp due to the dry winter air surrounding it.  The solution?  Add ingredients to the scalp that help hold moisture in starting with a once or twice weekly deep conditioning treatment.  We recommend our P2 by Philip Pelusi Deep Hydrating Hair and Scalp Conditioner.  It’s powerhouse skincare humectant, Hyaluronic Acid, helps to hold onto moisture just as it does in rose petals and other plants it is naturally found in.  The effects can last from 5 – 10 days depending on how dry the hair and scalp are.  Tip!  This conditioner can also be applied to feet and hands as a wintertime moisturizer as well.

A Quick Moisture Mist:  Moisturizing mists for the face are all the rage today!  We have an incredible hydrating mist for the hair that’s been updated over the decades but has been a tried and true product here at Philip Pelusi for well over 30 years.  Try our P2 by Philip Pelusi Lite Leave In Conditioner.  Just like facial mists, our P2 Lite can be applied to the hair throughout the day starting on clean damp hair as an additional moisture boost or throughout the day to the entire head of dry hair for a style revamp or to stop static.  It can also be misted onto the scalp targeting dry scalp spots as need.  P2 Lite contains an ultra-lightweight amount of the aforementioned Hyaluronic Acid to it can give hair a zap of moisture anytime you want!  But remember P2 Lite will make your hair a bit damp so be sure to apply when you can airdry for a bit or have a hairdryer handy.

Buckets, Beanies and Berets, Oh My! ~ Hat Hair Prep

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The most popular hat trends for this winter are Buckets, Beanies and Berets.  Fun and beautiful to wear but once the hat comes off, the hair can look anything but stylish.  So, what to do?  Have a hat hairstyle game plan and prepare your hair with the right products to help stop static and hat-head before they get started! 

The hairstyle strategy should be all up or all down.  Meaning when wearing a hat, plan to wear your hair either all up under your hat via a loose top knot or all down long and flowing.  If you are looking to preserve height on the top of your hair, style a loose top knot before donning your brim.  The knot helps maintain height on the top of your hairstyle once the hat and knot are removed.  Or leave hair down, cascading from under the hat.  But with either approach be sure to have a hair refresher on hand to reboot your post-hat hair. 

Try our P2 by Philip Pelusi RefresHair Smart Styling Texture Spray.  Its Sunflower Extract helps hydrate, calming static while White Tea and Thyme freshen hair’s scent.  This incredible multitask spray acts as a lightweight hairspray, a very helpful remedy for hat hair!  Lightly mist onto hair, brush through or just fingerstyle to refresh your look.  It’s so lightweight and dries in seconds.  Hair stays pliable never stiff or sticky.

Another way to avoid hat hair is add some moisture into your locks before styling.  Look for ingredients that help trap moisture and therefore help to avoid static. Start with a once or twice weekly deep conditioning treatment.  We recommend our P2 Deep Hydrating Hair and Scalp Conditioner.  It’s powerhouse humectant, Hyaluronic Acid, helps to hold onto moisture just as it does in rose petals.

Apply a styling static stopper too!  Try P2 Potion Smart Styling Treatment.  Philip’s proprietary Pelusi Matrix Blend adds 6 natural humectants including Matricaria and Asafetida that play quadruple duty as antioxidants, UV filters and strengtheners too.  Detangles hair like a dream and can be applied wet or dry to help halt static.  Apply a dime to nickel size amount to damp hair prior to any other styling product and style as usual.  Apply pea size drops as needed to calm static on dry hair too!

Philip Pelusi Trend Tip ~ Holiday Hair ~ Party Ponytails

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Getting a last minute invite to a holiday party means quickly finding something chic to wear and an instant updo.  But how?  Well for this holiday season, have the following two P2 by Philip Pelusi products on hand and you can pull off the red carpet look of 2019, the Party Ponytail in any of its variations.  P2 Honey and P2 Fluid Spray are the keys to creating these festive looks.

The Top Braid Party Ponytail:  This look is probably the most complex of the three.  For any Party Ponytail, start with late day or second day hair.  Super clean hair is much harder to work with.  First scoop a nickel size amount of P2 Honey and work it through your hands and fingertips to spread out the product, then work it from root to end sparingly throughout your hair.  Section off the “mohawk” area on the top of your hair from temple to temple.  Create a French braid along the top of your head into a small hairband at your crown.  Next gather the rest of your hair up into a ponytail including the French braid hairband and tie together into a larger hairband.  Disguise the band with a decorative ribbon or some hair from the larger ponytail and pinned into place under the pony.  Next lightly spray P2 Fluid Spray all over the hair, using fingertips to smooth flyaways and then scrunching the ponytail to a larger volume.

The Sleek Party Ponytail:  For this party pony follow the same directions as above using the P2 Honey but skip the braid and grab a paddle brush.  Start to neatly brush and sweep all hair up towards your crown and into a large hairband forming a big ponytail such as worn here by Hailey Bieber.  Next grab your P2 Fluid Spray.  Starting at one ear working around the head, lightly misting P2 Fluid followed by brushing over the hair further smoothing it up into the hairband.  This helps create a super sleek look.  Once you have worked your way around your head, dress up this look by wrapping a big velvet ribbon around the base covering the hairband just like Hailey!

The Messy Party Ponytail:  This is the easiest of the party ponies.  Follow the same directions as above using the P2 Honey and grab a wide tooth comb.  Lightly tease your entire head.  Your hair will look wild and messy but no worries.  Next, mist the entire head lightly with your P2 Fluid then lightly gather your hair into a messy high ponytail at your crown.  This look is not supposed to be neat so don’t smooth it down.  Finally, take a piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around to hide the hairband and pin it into place underneath.  Again, lightly mist P2 Fluid all over the hair and ponytail, finessing the hair with your fingertips and scrunching the ponytail into an even fuller wilder look.

Philip Pelusi Trend Tip ~ Holiday Hair ~ Short and Sweet

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Normally when we think of holiday hairstyles, we envision something along the lines of long hair swept up into a spiraled updo.  But with short haircuts emerging back onto the trend scene holiday hair takes a whole new spin!

Short cropped cuts are back in vogue ranging from soft and sweet to spiky and tough.  These can all take on a holiday party look simply with the right cut, color and styling!

Soft and Voluminous:  Actress Keri Washington’s new short hair is a perfect example of soft feminine short hair that can be styled perfecting for the red carpet or any holiday party.  But instead of reaching for a traditional pomade, start with applying a strong but flexible groom to damp hair.  Try our P2 by Philip Pelusi Fixative.  This totally unique hair styling gel is perfect for short hair that is blown smooth and voluminous.  It’s key ingredients Algae and Locust Bean help impart moisture while maintaining volume.  It’s extremely concentrated so a nickel size amount is all you need, spread through damp hair and round brushed while blow-drying.  It can then be used as a finishing product to piece out and fingerstyle the finished look while creating shine and frizz control.

Rainbow Bright:  Picking a bright trendy hair color can really put some fun into your holiday hair season.  Actress Ruby Rose is setting the trend lately with this lush lavender hue.  Bright color paired with an edgy Philip Pelusi Volumetric™ Haircut creates a showstopping hair look.  After that it’s all in the styling!  Try our P2 Honey.  Apply a dime to nickel size onto damp hair and shape and sculpt the hair into position.  Once dry, apply fingertip amounts to finesse and finish the hair.  Honey being one of this hydrating products key ingredients gives the hair a thick glossy appearance perfect for this modern look.

Slicked and Chic:  Bright blonde also adds glam to any short, cropped hairdo!  And singer Katy Perry wears this color so well along with spiky styling adding an edgy feel to any dressy look.  As with all these short crops, a customized Philip Pelusi Volumetric™ Haircut sets the shape.  Then to get some spike into your style, try our P2 Hard Stuff.  This thick glossy gel is 7 times firmer than any gel on the market.  Apply a dime size amount to damp hair, moving quickly as this is faster drying.  Shape hair, slicking the sides back and spiking the top and let dry.  Stop there or add fingertip amounts to add the finishing touches and loads of shine!

What About Bob? Texture and Shape Edition

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There are several things to consider when requesting today’s hottest haircut trend, The Bob.  Two of these are Texture and Shape, meaning the texture of your hair and the shape of your face and the bob shape to compliment it.

Texture is important because it can change the shape of your bob haircut as well as impact how much time it takes you to style it.  Choosing curls or a smooth style really translates into how much time you want to spend styling.  The closer you wear your bob to your natural texture, the less styling work involved.

Texture can also influence the shape of your bob haircut too.  For example, if hair is extremely curly remember the shorter the bob the rounder the shape will appear.  Also, finer textures will look fuller if the bob is shorter while thicker textures will have more movement with more length. 

For versatile styling try P2 by Philip Pelusi Potion.  This hydrating groom can be smoothed into damp hair and blown dry smooth or airdried or diffused dried to be worn wavy or curly.  The Pelusi Matrix Blend of Matricaria and Asafetida and more act as heat protectants, antioxidants to help protect color and UV Light filters.

Shape of the bob is important to consider meaning do you choose inverted, blunt or asymmetrical?  First consider your face shape and what feature you want to compliment.  If you want to emphasize your jawline choose an inverted bob with the back length shorter than the front.  If you want to deemphasize it, wear a blunt bob. 

If you want to soften a square shaped face choose a layer bob with some wave.  But if you want to add structure to a round face go blunt.  Your stylist can temporarily pin your hair up in various shapes.  Use a hand mirror in front of a wall mirror to see the entire 3D effect before you decide! 

But to get the most style longevity out of any bob shape try P2 by Philip Pelusi RefresHair Texture Spray.  This can help freshen the shape and texture of any bob mid or next day.  Lightly mist throughout dry hair holding the bottle approximately 12 inches away from the hair.  When the mist lands, fingerstyle, scrunch or use a flat or curling iron to refresh your style.  Its White Tea and Thyme fragrance make hair smell amazing!

Philip Pelusi Trend Trip – On the Fringe

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Fall 2019 hair is on the fringe!  Fringe, the British vernacular for bangs, is ruling the hair world for all textures.  Whether Curtain, Curly or Blunt, having a fringe area in your hairstyle will put you on trend! 

First, get a personalized consultation and Philip Pelusi exclusive Volumetric™ Haircut from your Philip Pelusi Stylist!  They will determine your hair texture and growth patterns to see which if any of these bang trends will work for you.  For example, if you have a front hairline cowlick, Blunt Bangs will be impossible to wear but Curtain Bangs might be perfect for you!  And they will help select the prefect Philip Pelusi products to style with!

Curtain Bangs are being worn by model Hailey Baldwin and many other stars.  The look is fringy and light, nothing too thick or sculpted with a slight divide in the center or off center of the bang area.  Thus, the name, Curtain Bangs!  This wispy bang is perfect for hair that is a fine to medium texture, especially because this trend makes sparser heads look thicker.

To style your Curtain Bangs, start with a lightweight hair gel.  We recommend our P2 by Philip Pelusi Fixative.  Apply a pea size amount to the bang area and blow-dry smooth with a round brush or allow to airdry.  It’s unique ingredient Locust Bean helps protect hair from heat.  Then mist on a bit of our P2 Fluid Spray to help set the split.  This incredible lightweight spray is mistake proof.  If you make a style mistake, simply comb through and start again!

Curly or Wavy Bangs are a big trend right now for those wearing their natural textures such as actress Zendaya.  This fringe area can be worn strong with a heavy bang or light with just a few tendrils hanging onto the forehead.  The growth pattern and density of the hair of the front hairline will be a big determining factor here.  Again, seek the advice of your Skill Certified Philip Pelusi Stylist. 

For styling your Curly or Wavy Bangs, apply a pea size amount of curl controlling lotion.  We recommend our P2 ReCurl Smart Styling Treatment because of the soft way it will help keep your curls defined throughout the day.  Nothing crispy or out of date here.  Today’s curly and wavy looks are soft and manageable.  And if you have limp curls or waves, the revolutionary Philip Pelusi Proprietary Microemulsion in this formula helps to boost curls and waves and strengthens hair in the process.

Blunt Bangs are always a classic as worn today by actress Rashida Jones.  These bangs are cut straight across spanning almost the entire forehead area.  The rest of the hair is worn smooth or with a few very loose waves.  Hair can also be pulled back or up into a knot.  Very chic!

To style Blunt Bangs, apply a hair smoothing groom.  We recommend our P2 Potion as it works on any texture, helps to protect hair from heat, creates shine and detangles.  Its proprietary Pelusi Matrix Blend also helps protect from UV Rays year-round.

And because all bangs tend to get oily more quickly and often need a midday touchup, we recommend our P2 RefresHair for any fringe style.  One light mist and a quick fluff of the fingertips and your bangs are good to go!  Its White Tea and Thyme fragrance also makes hair smell fabulous!