A Philip Pelusi Positivity Report starring RP Product Specialist Paige shared by her Salon Leader Dani!

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Congratulations and job well done to Product Specialist Paige from RP!  Paige did a LIVE Instagram Video yesterday and Dani, her Salon Leader says it was a BIG success!  Dani shares, “Paige is a natural when it comes to education on products.  It’s like she was born to be in this industry!!  Paige’s Live Video was AMAZING, but no surprise to those that know her!  The video was knowledgeable in product education and color.  The questions that were submitted were so great and she answered them without hesitation!  Huge kudos to Paige and all of her talents!!!!”  Great work Paige!  And thank you Dani for always sharing great news about your Product Specialists!! ~ Nikki

Creative Talent Needed

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Hello Philip Pelusi Creative Talent,

We are looking for someone who would like to create a Philip Pelusi Video focusing on a Short Women’s Haircut. The video would be highlighted on our Philip Pelusi YouTube Channel, on our Busy Stylist site, and on Social Media. Once confirmed, you would need a quality model who is willing to receive their haircut during the filming of the video.

If you are that Talented Designer who is willing to step up to the challenge, we are looking to help you grow your career and Social Media following.

Please reach out to me by text (717-678-3406) or email joneill@philippelusi.com.

We would love to get this scheduled in the next few weeks.

If any one has any other ideas for a video they would like to create, please reach out to me as well.

John Farrell O’Neill

What About Bob? Texture and Shape Edition

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There are several things to consider when requesting today’s hottest haircut trend, The Bob.  Two of these are Texture and Shape, meaning the texture of your hair and the shape of your face and the bob shape to compliment it.

Texture is important because it can change the shape of your bob haircut as well as impact how much time it takes you to style it.  Choosing curls or a smooth style really translates into how much time you want to spend styling.  The closer you wear your bob to your natural texture, the less styling work involved.

Texture can also influence the shape of your bob haircut too.  For example, if hair is extremely curly remember the shorter the bob the rounder the shape will appear.  Also, finer textures will look fuller if the bob is shorter while thicker textures will have more movement with more length. 

For versatile styling try P2 by Philip Pelusi Potion.  This hydrating groom can be smoothed into damp hair and blown dry smooth or airdried or diffused dried to be worn wavy or curly.  The Pelusi Matrix Blend of Matricaria and Asafetida and more act as heat protectants, antioxidants to help protect color and UV Light filters.

Shape of the bob is important to consider meaning do you choose inverted, blunt or asymmetrical?  First consider your face shape and what feature you want to compliment.  If you want to emphasize your jawline choose an inverted bob with the back length shorter than the front.  If you want to deemphasize it, wear a blunt bob. 

If you want to soften a square shaped face choose a layer bob with some wave.  But if you want to add structure to a round face go blunt.  Your stylist can temporarily pin your hair up in various shapes.  Use a hand mirror in front of a wall mirror to see the entire 3D effect before you decide! 

But to get the most style longevity out of any bob shape try P2 by Philip Pelusi RefresHair Texture Spray.  This can help freshen the shape and texture of any bob mid or next day.  Lightly mist throughout dry hair holding the bottle approximately 12 inches away from the hair.  When the mist lands, fingerstyle, scrunch or use a flat or curling iron to refresh your style.  Its White Tea and Thyme fragrance make hair smell amazing!