Texture Tamer ~ P2 ReCurl Smart Styling Treatment

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Texture Problem: Limp Curls

Some curls just struggle to stay springy and coiled.  Especially in spring and summer humidity, curly hair that goes limp needs every bit of help it can get.  Curls start off great with all the proper cleansing, conditioning, and styling grooms especially in a climate-controlled environment.  But as heat and humidity enter the picture, some curls can go limp especially fine textured hair types throughout the day.

Philip Pelusi Product Problem Solver: P2 ReCurl Smart Styling Treatment

What It Does: If curls need a boost, more definition and frizz reduction, try P2 ReCurl Smart Styling Treatment.  Hair styles more quickly with no crispy resins, curls form faster and last longer with reduced separation and frizz.

Key Ingredients: This lightweight potion contains a special Silk and Vegetable Protein Micro-emulsion that helps spring up natural and artificial, meaning permed, curls and waves.  P2 Recurl also contains over the top treatment ingredients such as sunscreens, weightless moisturizers, strengtheners, and antioxidants. All helping improve the condition and color retention and improving the overall appearance, shine and performance of the hair!

How To Apply: Apply a dime, nickel, or quarter size amount to clean, conditioned wet or damp hair then air dry, diffuse dry or blow dry!  Voila’ longer lasting curls!

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Designers as Texture Teachers ~ Hair as Fabric

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The Chic Geek by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

Have you ever had a guest bring in a photo of a hairstyle that simply does not match up with their own hair texture?  Yes, of course!  We all have.  But this seemingly negative starting point is actually a great opportunity to build trust with the guest, educate products, and give the guest a beautiful style!

Philip often says “Hair is the most important fabric we wear.  We wear our hair every day!”  There is so much to this statement but in relation texture we can use this as a teachable moment for the guest.  Guests are at times not aware of how their hair density and texture effects the outcome of their style.  They are also often unaware of how products, including shampoo, conditioner, and styling products, along with the guidance of their Philip Pelusi Designer, can augment or enhance their texture to get the style they want.

Try this simple analogy…  Guests are often aware of clothing fabrics so using the following comparisons may help guests understand their own texture.  Fine hair is often akin to silk, Medium textures to cotton, and Coarser hair types to denim.  For example, a guest with fine silky limp hair might then understand if they apply P2 Increase Smart Styling Treatment, it will give them more structure and volume.

While coarse bulky denim-like hair can be made to feel silky and softer when cleansed and conditioned with P2 MoistureSheen and styled with P2 Potion for example, thus making the hair look and perform much better. These are not negative connotations just simply another tool to help guests understand where their hair is now and how they can achieve where they want their hairstyle to go!

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