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The Chic Geek by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

Have you ever read the fabric care tag inside one of your pieces of clothing?  If you have, then you know there are lots of details from the designer or manufacturer about how they want you to care for it.  Dry clean only, cold water, dry flat, cool dryer and so on.

But do humans have these care tags for their hair?!  LOL of course not!  But we really should!  As stylists we have seen it all from dry, broken, over processed hair to texture that needs a little or a lot of help.  So, guests often are not taking care of their hair fabric in the proper way.

That’s where we come in as stylists!  Philip often says “Hair is the most important fabric we wear.  We wear our hair every day!”  So, we see hair fabric as needing and deserving the very best and most detailed care tag.  This comes in the form of our professional consultation and product education, both verbal and written on either the P2 or Tela Concierge Brochures to give to each guest.  How else will they know how to take care of the most important fabric in their wardrobe, their hair!

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