Philip Pelusi The IPhone of Haircare

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The Chic Geek by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

If you are looking at these images of outdated cell phones from decades gone past, you are probably wondering what does this have to do with haircare?  Well, a lot actually!  Most products on the market are still selling the same formulas they created decades ago with perhaps a new fragrance or new ingredient or new model or actress as the spokesperson.  But their formulas are as old and outdated as these crazy looking cell phones, some the size of a shoebox LOL!

Would you purchase one of these today?  The answer of course is NO!  So why should a guest purchase outdated haircare technology?  That is exactly what they are doing when they purchase other products on the marketplace.  Instead, this latest model IPhone would be the tech equivalent to Philip Pelusi products. 

The most cutting-edge, revolutionary technology and ingredients that all help create the very best hair fabric possible for the guest.  The best condition, color protection, styling performance, texture, feel and more!  And the better the hair fabric, the better your work looks, and the happier the guest will be with their hair and YOU!

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A Philip Pelusi “Did You Know?” Timeless ~ 1930’s Film Star Inspired Volumetric™ ICONIC Haircut

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Check out this Philip Pelusi ICONIC Haircut and Design circa 1973!  Inspired by 1930’s film stars, this V-shaped cut truly puts the “V” in Volumetric™ The Pelusi Method, the organic hair cutting system created by Philip.  And the texture, created by Philip via a Stack Perm, helped create this uplifted V-shape.  This style is timeless fitting into today’s natural curly looks. 

Philip created this look to dry naturally and be low maintenance with just a few pumps of P2 by Philip Pelusi Liquid Mousse.  In fact, he cut this Guest’s hair while it dried naturally under a heat lamp so he could see the shape transform before his eyes.  Philip sometimes cut curly hair with several then Future Designer Trainees (now called New Talent!) holding heat lamps, a magic secret he created for cutting curly hair!

Philip photographed this in the lower level of the Philip Pelusi Squirrel Hill location, the very first Philip Pelusi “Talent Center” known then as the Philip Pelusi Training Center.

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A Philip Pelusi Color Group Video starring Nikki!

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Introducing the Philip Pelusi Color Group video series, this one starring Philip Pelusi Designer Nikki @ SS and BS!  These amazing Designers dazzle their Guests and inspire everyone with their incredible talent, carrying on the Philip Pelusi legacy into an exciting future!

Roll out the red carpet and be on the lookout for a video showcasing more of these super talents right here on and archived on The Talent Gallery (!

Philip Pelusi… Elevating the Beauty Profession for 56 Years and Beyond!