Another GREAT Tela Hair Care Wisdom Class Moment

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After class Michelle (Selena in salon) sent me this amazing quote and selfie pic from the Tela Hair Care Class!  “Me and the girls taking a pic with Phillip! 🤩 We love our jobs and we love what we do!  That’s why we further our career attending advanced techniques.  If a hairstylist wants to increase knowledge about a particular product or get their hands-on training in a specific area like cutting, coloring, or updos, attending advanced learning curriculums can help.  Philip Pelusi Salons provide professional hair and skin care in the Pittsburgh area, using high-end products to keep you looking “a cut above the rest”. I love my job!”  Thank you, Bailey, Savana and Selena for your positive attitudes and for being such great stylists in class!!!!  Amazing! ~ Nikki

Tela Hair Care Product Wisdom Class

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“Incredibly well prepared, professional, articulate, engaging and fun too!  These are just some of the wonderful words that come to mind regarding Product Specialists Regina and Paige from RP for their outstanding performance at today’s Tela Hair Care Wisdom Class.  They covered everything so incredibly well.  So very proud of them!  Also thank you to the attendees who were wonderful students as well!  And thank you for your amazing feedback saying you loved the class.  Greatly appreciated!!  And so happy the class was helpful to your journey here at Philip Pelusi!” ~ Nikki

Philip Pelusi Trend Tip ~ Flipped Out Bobs

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Don’t be afraid LOL! We are not talking about the Mary Tyler Moore or Mrs. Brady flipped out bobs from decades gone by. This new decade rings in a whole new Flipped Out Bob trend as worn by stars Reese Witherspoon, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Boynton and more at the recent Golden Globe Awards.

These red carpet beauties wore these perfect for daytime looks all glammed up for nighttime. The hair is approximately chin length or slightly under, styled close to the head, no teasing, no height at the crown but instead a smooth, modern, sleek flip. The color is up for grabs here, anything goes. The specifics are in the cut and the styling. Classic bob cut but crafted to flip up not under. The styling products are a bit heavier. We are not styling for volume here but for texture. Hair, in a good way, looks a little product heavy and glossy.

First, get the cut! To get this look, book a free consultation with your Skill Certified Philip Pelusi Stylist, trained in the art of Volumetric Haircutting, Philip’s patented method of cutting hair that works on all hair types, densities and textures. The Flipped Out Bob is a precision haircut that requires the expertise of someone who understands face shapes as well as the texture, fall lines and growth patterns of the hair to get your bob to style perfectly.

The power in this look’s styling is in the finishing products. First, shampoo and condition with your favorite Philip Pelusi Shampoo and Conditioner that suit your texture. But for styling and the finish styling, grab a grooming product that will help hold hair closer to the head but can help maintain the flip. Try P2 by Philip Pelusi Honey for a somewhat lighter finish or P2 by Philip Pelusi Soft Wax for a denser heavier hold.

Both products can be used on the hair wet or dry and both are shampoo soluble and wash clean from the hair. Both hydrate and help protect from heat damage. And both will help control and mold your Flipped Out Bob. First, apply dime to pea size amount throughout damp hair and styling into a flip. Either airdry or blow-dry into a flipped look using a round or paddle brush.

Then apply pea size amount of either product to dry hair from root to end. Continue to apply until you reach your desired look. Remember the Flipped Out Bob is not designed to swing or move so you can go a little heavy handed in your application. One last tip is to choose a part before styling your hair, either straight down the middle or off to one side!

AN AWESOME Philip Pelusi Positivity Report starring Westmoreland Product Specialist Andrea reported by fellow Salon Leader Rosemary!

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Congratulations to Product Specialist Andrea for her incredible workshop presentation!  Rosemary shares, “Andrea did a fantastic job at our workshop getting the staff pumped for our upcoming Smart Styling sale!  She re-educated the staff on all of the wonderful uses of each product and how there’s something for everyone in our smart styling line!  She had the staff talk about their favorite products and what their favorite aspect of that product is.  It was great to see the staff sharing their favorite things, some of them the rest of us had never thought about!  Way to go Andrea!”  Wow, thanks Rosemary for sharing this amazing feedback!  I checked in with Andrea, she shares, “Westmoreland is focusing on Beauty at Home in the month of February.  We had a round table discussion at our workshop.  And we re-educated Smart Styling Products and shared usage and benefit tips.”  Thank you, Andrea for all you do as a Product Specialist!  Thank you too Rosemary for sharing this with us and for this fabulous photo! ~ Nikki