Product “Artist” Show

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If you’ve been wondering, what was the inspiration behind our new groundbreaking product Tela Magic?  And perhaps, who is the artist and the muse for the unearthly beauty of the multihued Magic Women?  The answer…Jennifer Pelusi!  Who, you might ask?  Philip’s co-creator of Tela Magic, partner in Tela Beauty Organics, and partner in life…his amazing wife!  We asked her for a behind the scenes glimpse into Tela Magic and work of art, the mystical Magic Women…

“A Special Kind of Magic.  Meet Magic Woman.  She has magic powers, comes from the Tela Universe, and has a magnificent head of hair beyond time and space.  I experimented with digital painting and texture filters of all sorts and painted lots of art layers upon the image.  I used some spray paint, watercolor, and even used eyeshadow as a unique ‘paint’ type in some spots.  And my photographer friend Alan Adams painted the bright color hair strands.  It all got inspired from a stock image that we loved.  So, this got explored.  From there, Magic Woman came to life.  In some way, it was all a happy accident.  It came out of curiosity.  The creativity and desire came in and moved it all along.  I do love painting, (color makes my heart sing) and I paint on canvas often.  This process opened a door to new possibility and surprise.  All in the name of transformation, curiosity, and magic – the true spirit of Tela.  The true sensation you feel when it lives in your hair and touches your heart.  The product itself, Tela Magic Hair Transformer takes my breath away.  It really does feel like a turning point once you try it.  It’s filled with wonder.  Truly, an exquisite hair place.  A blanket of calm, a moment of forever.  Kind of like when you arrive somewhere, and you never want to leave.  It’s filled with a special kind of magic, like love at first sight.”  Jennifer Pelusi

Tela Magic conception, design, writing, product development, and branding by the Tela product artist duo Philip and Jennifer Pelusi.  Box design, brochure and box copy, and product name by Jennifer Pelusi.  Now you know why they call Tela “a love story”!

Be inspired by these magical images.  Welcome to the Tela Magic product art exhibit…

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