TB Salon Leader Dani sends kudos to BOD dynamic duo Paige & Tatiana!

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Dani shares…

“Had to shoutout Beauty On Demand! Our crazy talented Paige and equally talented Tatiana, from Westmoreland, did BOD hair and makeup  for my guest’s wedding this past Saturday. My guest came in today for a haircut and could not stop raving about these two amazing designers!! All of the women in the party raved about how both their hair and makeup turned out! I saw some of her pictures today from the wedding and I have to agree!!! Huge shoutout to both Paige and Tatiana for making my guest and so many women feel so good about themselves!! I love how no matter what salon we work in, in the end we’re all a Team!!! Beautiful work ladies!!!”

Congratulations Paige & Tatiana! And thanks so much for sharing Dani!!! You are ALL amazing!!

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