The Philip Pelusi Specialized Pricing Specialists:


Christina: Crafting and Makeup Specialist

Jamie: Bridal Crafting and Color Specialist

Sami: Buzz Agent Color, Crafting and Makeup Specialist.

Melissa: Buzz Agent, Makeup and Color Specialist

Jaqi: Color and Product Specialist


Alex: Balayage, Color Lights, High Lights, and Double Processing Specialist

Shawnell: Balayage, Creative Color, Cosmetics, Crafting and Updo Specialist

Bryan: Conditioning and Blowdry Specialist

Diona: Balayage, Color Lights, High Lights and Glossing Specialist

Sheila: Balayage, Color Lights, High Lights and Creative Color Specialist


Ashlee: Blowdrys, Color, Waxing and Braids Specialist

Elizabeth: Color and Waxing Specialist

Julie: Color and Haircrafting Specialist


Miranda: Color and Men's Cuts Specialist

Rachel: Men's Cuts, Waxing and Color Specialist

Irene: Color and Clipper Cuts Specialist

Tracy Lynn: Buzz Agent and Clipper Cut Specialist

Michelle: Color, Perms and Men's Cuts Specialist

Tina: Color, Blowdrys, Men's Cuts and Haircrafting Specialist

Corina: Color, Waxing and Makeup Specialist

Demi: Men's Cuts Specialist

Johnna: Waxing, Clipper Cuts, Highlights, Balayage

Emma: Color Specialist

Sheila: Color Specialist

Chelsea: Colors, Men's Cuts and Waxing Specialist

Jess: Color and Female Cuts Specialist

Tracy: Color, Male Cuts and Female Cuts Specialist

Christy: Color and Volumetric Specialist

South Side

Shannon: Color Specialist

Kaitlyn: Color, Crafting and Makeup Specialist

Amy: Color Specialist

Lacey: Buzz Agent, Color, Crafting and Makeup Specialist

Cameron: Color Specialist

Jade: Color, Crafting and Makeup Specialist

Kristen: Color Specialist

Bre: Color Specialist


Heather: Waxing and Color Specialist


Amanda: Men's Cut Specialist


Kelsey: Color Specialist


Shannon: Waxing and Color Specialist


Brandy: Waxing and Color Specialist

Minda: Color and Crafting Specialist

Katie: Waxing and Color Specialist

Tatiana: Waxing and Makeup Specialist

Nikki: Men's Cut and Color Specialist

Andrea : Extensions and Crafting Specialist

Squirrel Hill

Aja: Buzz Agent, Blowdrys, Bridal Crafting, Hair Crafting and Upstyle Specialist

Julie: Blowdry Specialist

Renee: Color and Blowdry Specialist

Ann: Color, Male and Female Cuts and Waxing Specialist


Kristen: Color Specialist

Sherry: Color and Blowdry Specialist

Daniel: Color, Balayage, Grey Blending and Female Cuts Specialist


Theresa: Color Specialist

Tenisha: Color and Blowdry Specialist

Joe: Color and Blowdry Specialist


Liz: Buzz Agent, Color, Balayage, Gel Manicure, Manicure, Pedicure, Full Facial, Mini Spa Facial, Bridal and Hair Crafting Specialist

Pittsburgh Mills

Katrina: Corrective Color, Highlights, Colormelting, Double Process, Grey Blending, Glossing, Single Applications, Bang Trims, Female Cuts and Perm Specialist

Maureen: Highlights, Colormelts, Double Processing, Glossing, Single Applications, Clipper Cuts and Men's Cuts Specialist

Chris: Highlights, Colormelt, Double Process, Glossing, Single Applications, Brow Waxing, Hair Crafting and Bridal Crafting Specialist

Charlie: Buzz Agent, Highlights, Colormelts, Double Processing, Grey Blending, Glossing, Single Applications and Waxing Specialist

Sarah: Hightlights, Colormelts, Double Processing, Glossing, Single Applications, Cosmetics and Brow Waxing Specialist

Lyndsie: Highlights, Colormelts, Balayage, Double Processing, Glossing, Single Applications and Clipper Cut Specialist

Ross Park

Amber: Men's Cuts Specialist

Sheri: Men's Cuts Specialist

Carley: Men's Cuts Specialist

Melissa: Single Applications and Crafting Specialist

Jessi: Single Applications and Accent Light Specialist

Stephanie: Men's and Clipper Cuts Specialist

Denise : Perm Specialist

Bethany: Creative Color

Regina: Single Applications and Blowdry Specialist

Dani: Highlights and Blowdry Specialist

Paige: Cosmetics and Crafting Specialist

Fox Chapel

Debe: Color, Men's Cuts and Blowdry Specialist

Linsey: Creative Color Specialist

Tim: Blowdry and Highlight Specialist

Hanna: Buzz Agent, Highlight and Blowdry Specialist

Lynn: Kid's Cuts Specialist

Wes: Blowdry and Perm Specialist

Keona: Men's Cuts and Color Specialist

Rheanna: Color and Female Cuts Specialist

Kerri Ann: Crafting Specialist

Rhonda: Single Applications and Female Cuts Specialist

South Hills Village

Beth: Highlight Specialist

Nikki: Balayage Specialist

Lori: Balayage, Highlight and Crafting Specialist

Olena: Highlight Specialist

Rebecca: Highlight Specialist

Shay: Highlights and Volumetric Haircut Specialist

Angela: Highlight Specialist

Jackie: Balayage Specialist

Jennifer: Crafting Specialist


Danette: Highlights, Waxing and Crafting Specialist

Joelle: Balayage Specialist

Shannon: Buzz Agent, Color and Highlight Specialist

Shelli: Color, Highlights, Balayage and Cosmetics Specialist


Anna: Single Application Specialist

Donna: Color, Waxing, Perms and Relaxer Specialist

Joe: Color Specialist

Kaylnn: Balayage Specialist

Nichole: Color Specialist

Kendal: Blowdry Specialist