Kudos to Stephanie from Cranberry

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“I wanted to comment about the fantastic hair stylist I have had the pleasure of dealing with at your salon in Cranberry Commons.  Her name is Stephanie Hill.  My first visit was at the end of June – and I just completed my second visit today.  I cannot say enough about how knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly Stephanie is.  She takes the time to talk about what you envision as to how you want your hair to look; she makes suggestions; and, boy, does she deliver.  My hair has honestly never looked better thanks to her attention to detail and proficiency.  Stephanie is truly a gem, and I wanted to ensure you knew how satisfied this customer is with the exceptional customer service she provides.”

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Kudos to Liz at Squirrel Hill

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“I am so please to be writing this email about my service I received from your Squirrel Hill salon.   On July 6th, Liz did my hair for my step daughter’s wedding.  She was absolutely wonderful.   She was very patient and also helped ease my nerves on this big day in my life.  My hair looked beautiful, and I received many compliments at the reception.  I would highly recommend your salon to anyone.  People thought Liz was my regular stylist, when in fact this was the first time she has ever touched my hair. I was also very impressed of how punctual she was too.” – Betty Jo W.   

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Socia Media Brings In A New Guest

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Congratulations to the South Side Salon for bringing in a new guest through your work on social media! Below is a testimony we received from a new guest.

“I moved away from my last (beloved) salon in the middle of my plan to grow my hair out for donation. So choosing a stylist to make this major cut was a bit nerve-wracking. However, after finding Philip Pelusi on the South Side near my gym – I did some creeping on Instagram and loved what I saw. My stylist Lacey did not disappoint and I’m so glad to have found my new salon in my new city!” – Amanda R.

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The Power in Social Media!

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A Big Thank You to Lacey from South Side Salon who shared the following story from her Guest.

Caroline came to the Philip Pelusi Salon in South Side as a first time New Guest. She had scheduled an appointment with Lacey to get a Creative Color Service. Caroline drove all the way from IUP to the South Side Salon because she saw examples of Lacey's work on social media of and knew that Lacey could give her the results that she was looking for.

It speaks to the power of social media and how it can drive guests to your chair.


A Unique Salon Experience

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Dear Philip Pelusi Management,

I wanted to take a few minutes to write about my experience with the South Side Philip Pelusi Salon and why I keep going back there.

I am a young woman with severe/profound hearing loss.  I have worn hearing aids for over 26 years.  While hearing aids help, I often miss out on a lot of things- from music, to conversations in crowded places, and phone conversations.  When I got my hair cut at other salons, I would inform the stylist that I had hearing aids, and each time, the stylist would tell me to take them out before they did anything to my hair. So, I sat silently in the chair, watching other people have conversations with their stylists, and thinking about how getting your hair done is such a social experience but I wasn’t able to participate in that experience.

I came to the Philip Pelusi South Side salon a few years ago and landed with Lacey.  When I first met her, I geared myself up for the whole “I wear hearing aids, should I take them out?” conversation.  Lacey’s response blew me away.  She told me her plan: I could keep my hearing aids in as she colored my hair (she would be really careful around my ears), but take them out when she washed my hair, then put them back in when she was cutting my hair, and take them back out when she was drying my hair. The whole time I was in the chair with my hearing aids in I talked to Lacey.  I couldn’t believe it! I had finally found a salon and a stylist that would enable me to fully participate in a conversation and not sit in silence!

I recently got brand new hearing aids that I am very proud of because the technology in them is amazing.  At my last appointment, some of the staff overheard me talking about them and joined the conversation, asked questions, and (hopefully!) learned a little bit.

I spend a lot of time and brain power trying to figure out what people are saying because it’s not clear to me. Everyone at the salon speaks clearly in person and when they’re on the phone.

I keep coming back to South Side Philip Pelusi because of the inclusive environment the staff strives to create.  These things I’ve mentioned might be little things to others, but to me, they’re a really big deal.  And for that, I am so grateful to the South Side salon and will remain a loyal customer.


Thank you, South Side!



Lisa R.

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A Unique Salon Experience

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“I have been a client from the time Philip only had one shop in Squirrel Hill. In the beginning Philip himself did my hair. I worked in customer service for almost 30 years. I know and appreciate good service. I am treated like a friend from the time I enter; even offering me coffee and hanging my coat. For close to 40 years Sandy W. has been my stylist. She knows me and knows my hair. She is always right when it comes to cuts and styles. I travel from Washington County to Squirrel Hill because I like and trust Philip Pelusi and Sandy. Thank you for your years of service.”

-Michele B.

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