New Aloxxi Freehand Lightener

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All Salons should shortly be receiving the New Aloxxi Freehand Lightener. This product is a clay based lightener that is designed for lifting up to 7 levels without the use of foils. It should only be mixed in a 1:1 ratio and should always be measured using a scale.

Click on the below link to see an updated instructional sheet for all Lighteners.


Aloxxi Lightners

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Changes to Aloxxi Shades

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Please note the following Aloxxi shades have been discontinued.

The recommended replacements are below.

Any questions, please let me know.



10NT- can mix 3 parts 10N + 1 part 10G
8P- recommend 8A or 8B when lightening.
7P- recommend 7A or 7B when lightening.
**The A & B series provide more control of underlying pigment to produce natural blondes.
10V- recommend 10A or 10P when lightening. More control of underlying warmth. If toning pre-lightened hair- 10V TONES with 7 Vol would be recommended
7R- 3pts 8K + 1 pt R GEM
8R- can mix 8K + R Gem
7RK- 1 pt 7XR + 3 pts 8K
4RK – can mix 4RM + R GEM
4G – recommend 4GV

8B- can mix 9B & 7B

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Makeover by Julie in RTM

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Check out this color makeover by Julie in Robinson Town Mall:

She did a double process lightener in order to prepare the hair.

Roots:  She used equal parts Aloxxi Ultra-Hot Pink and Purple. She left the ends of the top section out. She ran the color through the top section for the last 1-2 minutes to slightly tone them.


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Using Aloxxi Tones

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Hello everyone,

I have begun to hear conversations and acceptance between stylists that the Aloxxi Demi-Permanent “Tones” will create lift if applied over naturally pigmented hair.

As we know, the “Tones” is a no-lift, no ammonia demi permanent hair color that can be used immediately following a Perm Wave or Relaxer due to its gentle nature.

I talked with the Aloxxi and was assured that there is no way that the “Tones” can cause lift if used as per manufacture instructions.

Those manufacturer’s Instructions are as follows:

  • To only be mixed with 7 Volume Developer
  • Normal mixing format is 1 part Tones + 2 parts 7 Volume Developer
  • For intense tonal infusion and additional gray blending it can be mixed 1 to 1, (however, if this is used with the Reds, the intensity of Reds could be browned out and lessened)

Aloxxi did however state that it the Tones is either purposely or mistakenly mixed with 10 Volume Developer or higher, and left on for excessively long period of time or put under a dryer, it could possibly force some slight lift.

In order to be completely sure of these statements we performed double blind test strands on Natural Virgin Hair.

In the first picture you will see three test strands using the 7 Volume developer.:

  • the original natural strand
  • a strand with Clear and 7 Volume Applied
  • a strand with 10V and 7 Volume Applied

You can see these strand sh ow no signs of lift what-so-ever.

In the second picture you will see two test strands:

  • 10 Volume w/No Heat
  • 10 Volume w/Heat

The strand with 10 volume and no heat shows no sign of lift.

The 10 Volume w/heat does show a very slight level of lift.

I hope this helps clarify that we will achieve no lift when using the “Tones” following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Any questions, please let me know,


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