Philip Pelusi Product Talk with Maggie from Siena

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“This experience meant so much to me!  I feel it went really well and I had a blast doing it!  It was really exciting to be behind the scenes and experience firsthand what it’s like to be in the videos.  This was so important to my career path because it was an opportunity to share my passion for hair with the world and to share my story.  Thank you again!” ~ Maggie from Siena

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Product Talk with Amanda from Westmoreland

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Amanda from West ~ “Today’s experience made me feel excited to do something new and get out of my comfort zone.  It definitely helped me grow as a person and gain new confidence.  It was a relaxed and easy going energy with lots of laughs!  This will be good for my career by helping to get my name out there with the company and to help bring clients in my chair.  Today’s interview made me feel important which is something I’ve always appreciated about this company. ?”

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New Product Talk with Maureen from Fox Chapel

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Maureen from Fox Chapel ~ “The interview experience meant a lot to me.  I would like to be more involved in different things with the company and I felt this was a step to achieving that.  It was a fun exciting experience.  It was important to my growth in the company by allowing me to be a part of something new to me and possibly opening new doors for the future.”

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