Kudos to Andrea and Rosemary from Westmoreland!

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Kudos to Andrea and Rosemary for receiving this amazing testimony from a Westmoreland guest!

“I just wanted to let someone know that Andrea is absolutely amazing. She’s such an asset to your team! This is the second time I’ve come to your Greensburg salon, the lady I talked to on the phone when booking my appointment was super nice, helpful, and knowledgeable. I told her I had sew-in tracks that needed removed and she said she would have to check with Andrea if it was doable or not and she would get back to me. As an African American woman I really appreciated that she would check and not just have someone mess up my hair. Andrea called me and was very honest, she said she had never done it but she was up for the challenge if I was willing to let her. When I went in she did an AMAZING job. My hair is so healthy she took the track out perfectly and gave me a conditioning treatment to revitalize my hair. It was an amazing experience and as an African American woman it’s so refreshing to know that our staff is knowledgeable on that type of hair and I really appreciate that, it’s very important to us. I just really needed someone to know how amazing your people are and it’s such a breath of fresh air to be treated with respect and dignity.”

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Philip Pelusi Focus Group

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“Philip and I would like to thank the attendees of Thursday’s New Designer Focus Group Meeting hosted at the PPCTD.

In our constant focus to better our New Designer‘s experience, we held the round table discussion to hear what they felt they feel was working and what we could do to enhance their experiences.

We appreciate all the fresh ideas and feedback that they shared.

These are an amazing group of talented and creative designers who are helping us build the Philip Pelusi brand.” – John

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Fabulous Philip Pelusi Stylist Interview Shoot at the Philip Pelusi Center for Talent Development

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“Congratulations to the amazing talent at yesterday’s Philip Pelusi Stylist Interview Shoot!  BIG congratulations and much thanks to all involved!  First, thank you to my fantastic interview Co-Host, Production Assistant and Product Specialist Regina from RP!  Regina did an absolutely incredible job in everything at the shoot!  5 star talent and support!!!  Great job also to Maggie from Sienna and Kaitlyn from Southside, our two Stylist Interviewees!  Both fabulous interviews!  Both superstars!  All 3 also starred in our brand new ‘Philip Pelusi Product Influencer’ series sharing their love for their fave Philip Pelusi products!!  Fantastic job!!!  Thank you to everything all 3 of you put into this production!  Stay tuned for their videos to post on busystylist soon!  So proud of all of you!” ~ Nikki, Product Education Director

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The Philip Pelusi Escape Room

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In a great team effort, the attendees of yesterday’s Team Leader Meeting escaped the Philip Pelusi Escape Room! The Philip Pelusi team was given their mission of giving their guest a corrective color that she desperately needed who wanted to go from a yellow, level 8 to a platinum blonde! With very little information the team was off to complete a series of riddles and tasks to eventually escape the Philip Pelusi Escape Room. Shelli from Siena, Dani from Ross Park, Bethany from Ross Park and Kristen from South Side did a wonderful and creative job setting up this entire escape room on their own! If your salon would be interested in taking part in a Philip Pelusi Escape room please have your Salon Leader contact Kristen! Way to go team!

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