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I felt the need to email you to thank you for having amazing people working at your salons. I have never been to one of your locations , but my 86 year old Mom needed a new place to go as her salon of 40 some years has closed. I do not want her going anywhere right now but she’s insisting, I called your location on Murray Ave and spoke with such a sweet girl.

I’m not sure if her name was Amanda even though she told me it several times. I asked her many, many questions. She talked with me for almost 10 minutes assuring me of the precautions they are taking to make the environment safe. She told me of 4 hair dressers that would be great for my Mom, she gave me prices, and the whole 9 yards. I’m still not 100 percent ready for my Mom to go out but when I am that’s the salon we are going to!!

And I greatly look forward to meeting this young lady!!

Thank you

– Leanne

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