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by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

The question “Is this Gluten Free?” is common these days.  Some folks wanting to avoiding gluten because they don’t want to feel bloated after eating certain foods.  While others who have a full-on gluten allergy.  But no matter the reason, consumers are asking about this when it comes to food they order in a restaurant, buy at the grocery store and on products they use on their hair and bodies.  This consumer demand is something Philip Pelusi has been aware of, and being ahead of the curve by starting the gluten free process in his products years ago.

no to gluten image source canva

So, the question remains, are we gluten free?  The answer, we are in the process of becoming gluten free.  Any new P2 or Tela Philip Pelusi formulation is created as a gluten free formula right from the start.  And while existing formulas are also being re-formulated as gluten free as we sell through the rest of the current bottles.  Philip Pelusi have such a huge inventory it takes time to turn over that inventory for the new gluten free versions to be created.

But how do we know which products are gluten free and which are not?  Easy!  Simply check the back label of any Philip Pelusi product to see if that formula, in that actual bottle, is gluten free like the label here for the P2 Clenz Crème.  The label will clearly read gluten free.  But please note, during this transition it is entirely possible for one bottle of P2 Age de Phy Shampoo, for example, to be labeled gluten free and another not labeled as such.  So please check the back label if need.

But do the gluten free proteins in our products work the same as the non-gluten free versions?  Yes!  For example, the gluten free Corn, Soy and Wheat in the Philip Pelusi Rx Xtreme Liquid Hair Repair Spray are just as strengthening as the non-gluten free versions.  They are Corn, Soy and Wheat Protein but with the gluten removed which has no benefit to the hair anyways.  So yes, our gluten free proteins meet today’s consumer demands yet retain all the strengthening benefits to the hair and scalp!

These gluten free proteins are also subjected to the same Micro Emulsion Technology that helps perfect all of Philip’s ingredients making them the correct molecular size to penetrate the hair even into the most damaged cortex sites.  This helps improve the strength, health, shine and style ability of any head of hair!

gluten free image source blessherheartyall

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Philip Pelusi Product Kickstart Video ~ Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Dri Shampoo

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Need a product refresher?  How about a product education confidence builder?  Kickstart your Philip Pelusi product knowhow with this 2 min video!

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BuZZworthy @ Philip Pelusi ~ Twist & Turn

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These incredible hair sculptures were created by Philip and his Design Team in 1983.  All handcrafted, some were flexible twists created from the model’s own hair while others were created by twisting real or artificial hair around a pieces of wire.  Truly works of living art!

Philip shares, “We were invited by Modern Salon Magazine to be featured as part of a continuing series by Philip Pelusi.  So we created these sculpted twisted looks for the feature.  We used P2 Soft Wax gently heated with a hairdryer to spread through the hair with a touch of P2 Fluid Spray as well, then twisted and placed under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes.  Interestingly I shot these photos in black and white with an old Polaroid camera!”

Behind The Scenes…

Photo and Lighting by Philip Pelusi

Hair by Philip Pelusi assisted by Jeffrey R

Makeup by Unknown, hired by Modern Salon

Philip Pelusi Products ~ Ultra Shampoo (now P2 Moisturesheen), Moisturizing Conditioner (now P2 Moisturesheen), P2 Soft Wax, P2 Fluid Spray

Shoot location ~ Rooftop of the Philip Pelusi Center for Talent Development

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BuZZworthy @ Philip Pelusi ~ Crimptastic Hair

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Crimp ironed hair headlined the hottest hair trends back in the 1980’s.  Boy George, Madonna and more rocked this totally rad do!  LOL Google it!  As always ahead of the trend, Philip Pelusi and his trend team circa the 1980’s created this elegant look sporting several crimped textures.

Philip shares, “We created this look and shot the images at an incredible dance and concert venue Metropol in the Strip District in Pittsburgh in 1980s.  The design team did the styling for a standing room only audience.  We were a hit!”

Behind The Scenes…

Photo and Lighting by Philip Pelusi

Hair by Philip Pelusi

Photo Styling by Philip Pelusi, Jeffrey R, Sam C and Toni B

Makeup by Philip Pelusi

Philip Pelusi Products ~ Lustre Shampoo, Lo Soft Conditioner, Liquid Mousse and Rivet Holding Spray

Shoot location ~ Metropol

BuZZworthy is fun facts and photos about how Philip got started in the industry, his salon journey, the history of his products, with more adventures on the horizon!  See ALL BuZZworthy on BuZZworthy (