Philip Pelusi Product Kickstart Video – P2 Rivet & P2 Industrial!

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Introducing P2 by Philip Pelusi Rivet & Industrial Holding Sprays! Need a product refresher?  How about a product education confidence builder?  Kickstart your Philip Pelusi product knowhow with this 2 min video!

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Coming Soon! NEW Film! Philip Pelusi Rock N Rococo

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Coming Soon!  The latest from the Philip Pelusi Film Studio… Rock N Rococo

Watch the trailer here and on the Philip Pelusi Facebook page…

Philip Pelusi…A Playground for Hair!

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Philip Pelusi…A Playground for Hair!  More to come!  Stay tuned!  Want to watch it again?  Or show a potential New Talent?  It’s archived on Films by Philip Pelusi (

A Philip Pelusi 55 Years ~ Angelica Volumetric Pelusi Method Haircut & Design

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Angelica Volumetric Pelusi Method Haircut & Design.  The year, sometime in the 90’s!

Volumetric Haircut by Philip Pelusi

Photo and photo styling by Philip Pelusi

Makeup by Valerie 

Clothing Max Alto Shadyside

Did You Know? are fun facts and photos about how Philip got started in the industry, his salon journey, the history of his products, with more adventures on the horizon!  See ALL Did You Know? on Did You Know? – Busy Stylist

Announcing Philip Pelusi Product Education for 2023!

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Announcing Philip Pelusi Product Education for 2023!  On-line and @ The PPCFTD!

Philip actually creates each and every Philip Pelusi haircare formula sold in our salons!  So, having all New Talent attend every product class is a standard of excellence at Philip Pelusi and is a well-worth investment of mandatory and paid time.  Today, Philip Pelusi Product Education takes place on and at The Philip Pelusi Center for Talent Development!

1st On by viewing each P2 & Tela Virtual Product Class video…

Salon Leaders, for each New Talent, print the New Talent Virtual Product Class Checklist (Shared Forms) and each class Study Guide (under each video).

Have New Talent view each approx. 10 minute Virtual Product Class Video on Tela Virtual Product Classes ( and P2 Virtual Product Classes ( then fill in this Checklist and retain for your records within the first 1 – 3 months of employment depending on New Talent and Salon scheduling.

New Talent can start learning on day 1!  View classes on uptime and on times scheduled by the Salon Leader.

Salon Leaders should track Virtual Product Class attendance just as when New Talent attend classes at The Philip Pelusi Center for Talent Development.

2nd At the Philip Pelusi Center for Talent Development… 

Each New Talent must also attend the Philip Pelusi Product Demo Class at the PPCFTD announced via the training calendar.  Taught with our team of amazing Philip Pelusi Product Specialists, the next is scheduled for Monday July 24 from 10:30 – 1:00.  Watch the recent class video here!  This class can be attended starting on day 1 as well.