Trend Alert ~ Bouncy Blowouts

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Trend Alert ~ Bouncy Blowout ~ by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

image source lifetime1976

Today’s current 70’s haircut vibe brings along a really big styling trend.  Big being the operative word!  Harkening back to the Charlie’s Angles actresses in the 1970’s, full, voluminous, round brush blowouts paired with big roller sets create this season’s hot styling trend Bouncy Blowouts.  A present-day homage to Farrah Fawcett, this hot styling trend also looks great when paired with today’s 70’s butterfly, curtain, and side swept bang trends and looks amazing with dimensional bright blonde and light brunette hues.

image source instyle1970s

To get this look, some texture management will most likely be needed.  Bouncy Blowouts are just that, blown out smooth but with lots of big fluffy volume.  So, finer textures will most likely need help with lift at the root and more texture and structure throughout the entire head.  And medium to coarser textures will need addition slip and smoothness but without weighting the hair down.  Bouncy Blowouts are light and airy, so even though the hair texture will mostly likely need some support, the overall look should appear effortless without the look of too much product.

image source newbeauty

So, our go-to recommendations are either our Tela Beauty Organics Make It Bigger! Hair Thickening Serum and Tela Beauty Organics Smooth Operator Blow Out Serum, depending on the texture issue.  Both products are part of our Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Dream Hair Collection.  Both are wet-hair application hair serums that help enhance and remedy texture issues while leaving the hair feeling soft, natural, and modern.

To thick medium to all coarser textures, our Tela Beauty Organics Smooth Operator Blow Out Serum gives silky, lustrous blowouts making them easier to achieve and longer lasting.  It is powered by Organic Adansonia Digitata (Baobab) Seed Oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids, hair is left silky, smooth, and surprisingly light and airy.  And teamed with our proprietary Tela Certified Organic Regenerating Blend consisting of Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) with moisturizing and antioxidant benefits, Red Sage (Salvia miltiorrhizae) with antimicrobial and antioxidant benefits, Horsetail (Equisitum Hyemale) with saponins, flavonins, and amino acid activity, Sprouted Soy (Glycine max) for enhanced hair health with genistein and soy isoflavone activity and Burdock (Arctium lappa) with antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory action. 

To all fine textures and sparser shorted medium textures, our Tela Beauty Organics Make It Bigger! Hair Thickening Serum adds incredible structure and volume with Organic Horsetail.  Organic Horsetail, a natural source of Silica, not Silicone, that binds to the surface of hair, increasing strength and volume.  This formula is also loaded with another of our star ingredients, our proprietary Hydro Charged Pelusi Ceramide Complex, a breakthrough only available exclusively at Philip Pelusi.  This plant derived micro emulsion mimics the way ceramides work in the cuticle layer of the hair.  It reinforces the cuticle layer’s adhesion to the cortex by replacing missing ceramides to help bond color treated and aging hair’s often damaged cuticle layer to the cortex.  This improved adhesion also adds strength, color retention and lots of shine as well. 

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Trend Alert ~ Bold Bright Blonde

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Trend Alert ~ Bold Bright Blonde ~ by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

Blonde is always a classic hair color that really never goes out of style.  And this Fall and Winter season, two Bold, Bright, Blonde hues are on-trend!  The first, iconic blonde shades such as platinum are in style.  Think Marylin Monroe and Madonna’s Vogue era hair color.  The second, a creamy golden hue such as now worn by Model Bella Hadid.  These two flaxen hues can be worn separately or mixed together on the same head for a multi-tone look.

One commonality for most color-processed blondes can be minimized shine or dull, non-reflective hair.  And we want those trendy blonde color investments very reflective and eye catching.  So, along with a full Philip Pelusi product system, we recommend the addition of our newly reformulated P2 by Philip Pelusi BrilliantHair Smart Styling Treatment to all blonde take-home hair care regimens.  Simply mist onto any finished style for gleaming shine.  Additional P2 BrilliantHair can be uniquely misted onto wet thick, coarse hair for a silky-smooth blowout.

Now Silicone Free and Vegan, P2 by Philip Pelusi BrilliantHair is a must-have to give any blonde hair color glossy reflective shine.  It contains the latest revolutionary updates in shine creating, hydrating and heat protecting ingredients.  P2 BrilliantHair was originally formulated in an era when “Silicones” were not yet moving into the regulatory and marketing-adverse spotlight. 

Whereas this newly reformulated P2 BrilliantHair is a new Silicone-free formula that is both a “clean and compliant” product that conforms to current regulatory issues.  It also meets requirements for “clean” products and delivers a light-weight product, delivering the same product functionality everyone has come to know and love.  Because of this formula update we were able to include over-the-top heat styling, sun and anti-color fade protection.

P2 BrilliantHair now contains Tomato Fruit Extract with fortifying vitamins and minerals including Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Vitamin B6, B12 and Folate (a form of Vitamin B9).  Tomato Fruit Extract is also rich in antioxidants Vitamins A, C and E that help protect hair strength and chemically and color treated hair.

Additionally, Organic Baobab Seed Oil hydrates, creates lustrous shine and provides heat protection and frizz reduction.  We choose the finest cold-pressed Organic Baobab Seed Oil, meaning it retains its nutritional value.  It is rich with Vitamin D3 and 5 Fatty Acids that nourish and moisturize hair and scalp without weighing down hair.

Our Hydro Charged Pelusi Ceramide Complex also joins the silicone-free P2 BrilliantHair ingredient listing for incredible color protection.  This universal-texture complex of plant derived ceramides mimics the ceramides (known as lipids) found between cuticle layers.  It helps seal each cuticle layer to each other and to the cortex helping seal in color molecules below.  This proprietary mixture strengthens, hydrates, helps protect color and creates shine.

Jojoba Oil joins the ingredient lineup, derived from the seeds of the Simmondsia chinensis plant.  It provides excellent healing and hydrating properties as well as providing heat protection, shine and detangling.

And we added the latest biotech-derived ingredient, Hemisqualane as a key source of antioxidants beneficial to hair color preservation plus moisture and increased shine.  Historically based on animal sources, this Silicone replacement is strictly vegan in that it is derived from by biotech from plant sources.

Aligning with today’s consumer ingredient wishes, Philip Pelusi formulas continue to reflect new consumer demands including being Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Formaldehyde Free, Silicone Free, Phthalates Free, Mineral Oil Free, Synthetic Fragrance Free, Retinyl Palmitate Free, Coal Tar Free, Oxybenzone Free, Hydroquinone Free, Triclosan Free, Triclocarban Free, PEG-Free, Dioxane-Free, Synthetic Dyes Free, GMO Free, Silicone Free, Cruelty Free and never tested on animals.

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Trend Alert ~ The Big Bang

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Trend Alert ~ The Big Bang ~ by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

image source instyle

Fringe is in!  Everything from short, chopped, pixie cut bangs harkening back to Audrey Hepburn’s iconic look.  To boxed-off, straight across bangs channeling Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace.  And 70’s butterfly bangs and curtain bangs, pop culturally also known as McDonald’s bangs.  These ‘golden arches’ and other creative fringe options help frame the face and set off the entire look of the haircut.  And fringe has become the focal point of the other hot hair trends for this season.

Texture and density play a big role in styling fringe.  And often the texture of the front hairline can differ from the rest of the hair with some guests dealing with either too much or too little volume in the fringe area.  And for guests dealing with aging hair, wiry gray also brings a new challenge to texture.

So, to help our guests with styling, we recommend a couple texture management solutions, our P2 by Philip Pelusi Increase Smart Styling Treatment and P2 by Philip Pelusi Decrease Smart Styling Treatment.  As their names express, P2 Decrease reduces volume, frizz and weightlessly smooths while P2 Increase adds intense structure, body and texture.  And they work like no other products on the marketplace.

P2 Increase and P2 Decrease are totally unique in that they augment hair’s texture from inside the hair strand instead of the outside.  They contain ingredients that are designed to penetrate, rather than just coat the hair shaft.  Each contain one of our revolutionary plant derived Philip Pelusi Propriety Microemulsions uniquely designed to enhance or reduce the desired texture.  Microemulsions are characterized by extremely fine emulsified droplets that penetrate the hair strand and work from the inside of the hair fiber whereas traditional styling grooms that primarily coat its surface.  Hair feels light, airy, and natural while changing how hair acts and styles.  Our science adds what Nature forgot!

These deep penetrating leave-in treatments are weightless, strengthening and hydrating boosting hair’s condition with each use.  And they contain UV absorbers and antioxidants that add lasting protection to any type of hair, whether virgin or damaged hair.  Apply only a dime to nickel size of P2 Increase or a few mists of P2 Decrease to wet or damp freshly shampooed and conditioned hair prior to any other styling product.  This allows for best absorption.  Use these as standalone products if enough to achieve the style or layer with an additional Philip Pelusi product if more texture control is needed.  Heat activated for best results, but hair can be airdried as well.

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Trend Alert ~ Creative Ponytails

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Trend Alert ~ Creative Ponytails ~ by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

Although the ponytail has always been a classic, a go-to style to save the day when running late, or a must-wear for dressy events, this season Creative Ponytails are a day to day hairstyling staple!  Everything from classic looks, to woven or braided, to natural texture, creativity knows no bounds for 2023 ponytail styles!

And to help create these styles, we recommend two products from our Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Modern Hair Wear Collection.  These fit the bill when it comes to gathering and smoothing hair, to any style of braiding from simple to complex, or to fingerstyle the finished Creative Ponytail look.  Not only are these products incredibly versatile but they work well on any texture and also enhance the scalp and hair with cutting-edge ingredients.

The Tela Modern Hair Wear Collection, The New Textile for Hair™, provides a modern feel and approach to styling and wearing hair, almost melting into hair creating a new textile.  Tela Play Freeform Wax is a thick crème formula that controls like a wax yet is totally moveable.

Tela Taffy Pomade Gel isa medium density pomade-like formula with light moveable hold.  Both can be applied to wet or dry hair for freeform piecing, grooming and finger styling.  Zero buildup, both are perfect for any creative braiding too.

They also contain the Tela Hair Immunity Complex of Probiotics and Fermented Kelp Extract to help improve scalp and hair condition.  Organic Quinoa and the Hydro Charged Pelusi Ceramide Complex help strengthen, create shine, increase body, and help preserve color.

The Tela Modern Hair Wear Collection also features Peppermint, Milk Thistle, Honey, Aloe, and Lavender for hydration and weightless heat protection.  Plus, the Tela USDA Certified 35 Organic Ingredient Base Blend and Tela Tea Blend of White, Green and Oolong Tea.

Check out these showstopping, timeless, Creative Ponytails from over the decades created by Philip Pelusi and his Trend and Design Teams!  Philip Pelusi…a playground for hair!

Hair by Philip Pelusi, Jeffrey R, Sam C and Lisa K

Volumetric Haircuts, Concepts, Photo’s, Lighting by Philip Pelusi

Photo Styling by Philip Pelusi and Jeffrey R

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Trend Alert ~ Blunt Textured Bobs

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Trend Alert ~ Blunt Textured Bobs ~ by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

This Spring/Summer, the classic bob gets a new twist that not only works on just about every texture.  The look features the classic blunt, solid bottom line but lots of internal movement and texture.  Other hallmarks of this season’s Blunt Textured Bob include the newly popular again side part and graduated layers around the face if cutting in textured bangs.

This season’s Blunt Texture Bob is inclusive of just about every hair length from long, collarbone, to chin length.  The blunt bottom line creates the shape while the internal layers offer easier styling and give the wearer the ability to upcycle their hair for a second or third day of wear in between shampoos.

Another newly reformulated Philip Pelusi cornerstone styling product, P2 by Philip Pelusi Honey Molding Beeswax, brings the internal bob layers of this trend to life.  Slated to launch in 2023, P2 Honey is now also Silicone Free containing the up to the minute technological wonder Synthetic Beeswax plus Milk Thistle Oil and more, taking free-from to a whole new level.

The updated P2 Honey formula surpasses the moisturization and heat protection benefits of our original P2 Honey formula.  It contains Synthetic Beeswax, an alternative to natural beeswax.  Interestingly, Synthetic Beeswax cannot be classified as “Vegan” as this terminology primarily pertains to food.  Bottom line, we are thrilled with its performance on the hair and our Stylists and clients agree.

Our newly reformulated P2 Honey still maintains its iconic moniker as it has the silky smooth texture of natural honey but without the stickiness.  But this updated P2 Honey formula does not contain any actual honey but instead several Natural Sugars, one a prebiotic polysaccharide obtained from sugar cane.  These natural sugars mimic the benefits of honey increasing moisture retention, heat styling protection and creating shine.

Another star ingredient in our new P2 Honey is Milk Thistle Oil containing hydrating triglycerides helping provide softness, a silky feel as well as weightless heat protection.  Milk Thistle Oil also has antioxidative properties to help prevent color fadage.

Our Hydro Charged Pelusi Ceramide Complex provides the same benefits as in the P2 Polish and P2 BrilliantHair.  The change from “silicones” in these products to non-silicone alternates allowed us to maximize its content and activity in a manner not achievable silicone bases.

All of these ingredients provide even better hydration, heat protection and style ability to the hair.  And they give the product a much easier to work with smoother, creamier, and lighter texture while still delivering all the styling benefits P2 Honey loyal customers have come to know and love.  While the addition of Philip’s signature White Tea and Thyme Fragrance gives this updated P2 Honey a light and lovely scent.

P2 Honey can be used on damp hair for air, diffuse and blow dry styling, but it’s real benefit to the Blunt Textured Bob trend is to help create texture and movement on finished dry hair.  Once hair is dry, work slowly with fingertip amounts of the product to twist, scrunch and piece out hair.

P2 Honey is a shapeshifter in that hair can be styled and restyled over and over again.  It remains flexible all day making current Blunt Textured Bob really come to life.

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Trend Alert ~ Bedhead Styling

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Trend Alert ~ Bedhead Styling ~ by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

The look of just rolled out of bed hair is back in style.  Rumpled, flat or fuzzy, are all welcome in 2023 putting 2022’s 90s reboot of sleek neat hair back on the shelf.  Although we are not returning to full-on pandemic-dishevelment, today movement and imperfection are taking center stage for styling. 

What is interesting about this season is that slightly messy hair runs the gamut whether wearing hair down, in braids, or in the now-trending multi-hairband low knots or buns, imperfection is perfect for 2023.  This can be one of the easiest trends for guests to recreate with the right products and styling process.

Our P2 Honey is a natural fit for this trend as it adds a textured elegance to any style.  It is also our go-to product for braiding.  For braiding, the more P2 Honey that is applied the more control you get, yet the product remains flexible and never dries, making braiding easier and last longer. 

Apply fingertip amounts of P2 Honey as you braid the hair.  Once completed, if hair looks too neat simply gently run your fingertips lightly up with braid or loosen braids gently with fingertips along the length of the braid.

For all other hairstyles requiring a little imperfection, simply use scant fingertip amounts and lightly tousle and or scrunch through any dry finished style.  It will turn that look from neat to now in an instant.

We also recommend a mist of either our P2 by Philip Pelusi RefresHair Texture Treatment and Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Dri Shampoo for texture and hair refreshing.  There is a bit of functionality crossover but also some definite difference between these two products.

Our P2 by Philip Pelusi RefresHair Texture Treatment refreshes hair’s scent with White Tea and Thyme while helping to remove up to 50% of surface debris and adding texture to this styling trend.  A win, win for reviving late in the day or 2nd or 3rd day hair aligning perfectly with today’s low hair maintenance beloved trend. 

This lightweight spray is a multitask product leaving nothing but shiny hair full of body with none of the dusty residue of powder dry shampoo products.  Mist on and brush or scrunch through hair.  For neater styles, P2 RefresHair also works great as setting, holding and heat protecting spray as well.

Our Silicone-free Tela Dri Shampoo is a powder-free alternative to dry shampoos.  We created this easy to use spray-on version to help eliminate surface debris, add texture and freshen hair’s scent with Organic Lavender.  Plus, powerful antioxidants Organic Reishi Mushroom, Oolong Tea, Chinese Foxglove and White Tea help prevent hair color fadage.  Mist on and scrunch or brush through the hair until the proper level of texture is achieved.  It has a very light hold while remaining soft and pliable.

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Trend Alert ~ Natural Texture

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Trend Alert ~ by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

Natural Texture thankfully remains a cornerstone trend this summer season, perfect for easy natural air drying.  Any wave or curl pattern works here as well as any shape or style of haircut.  The trend calls for embracing and celebrating whatever the natural texture is.  And for those whose texture needs a boost or to create loose waves in straight hair, grab one of today’s super popular hair wavers, along with a heat protecting groom, to help perfect or create some faux texture.

Hair and Photo ~ Philip Pelusi

Whether hair is exposed to the heat of a hair waver or the UV Rays of the sun, hair needs protection.  We recommend our P2 by Philip Pelusi Potion.  This weightless groom contains eight plant derived UV protectants that help shield the scalp and hair’s color and strength.  Our proprietary Philip Pelusi Matrix Blend comprised of Matricaria, Sage, Horseradish, Asafetida, Blackberry and Grape Seed as well as Fennel and Chlorophyllin/Copper Complex help protect UV Rays helping to lessen their damaging impact to the hair and scalp. 

Because Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives plants and algae their green color and traps light needed for photosynthesis in plants, it makes an excellent light absorber.  As a UV protectant it helps protect hair from the harmful rays of the sun that can degrade hair fabric causing loss of tensile strength and color.  We formulated P2 Potion additionally with Guar Bean and USDA Certified Organic Baobab Seed Oil to help create lustrous slip helping to detangle natural texture but more importantly helps reduce frizz but with zero weight.  Hair is left with volume yet remains light and airy.

P2 Potion should first be applied to clean, conditioned, damp hair and combed through with a wide tooth comb.  Not only is P2 Potion an excellent detangling agent, but this application method will help more evenly distribute the product for easier styling, reduced frizz and better overall sun protection.  Be sure to lightly massage onto the scalp as well.  Next, using opening fingers, tousle the hair at the root area.  This can work best with the head tipped upside down.  Slide the fingers in like a comb, and gently shake the root area back and forth a few times.  This action wakes up the natural texture after being combed smooth with product.

To style, either natural air dry or attach a cone-diffuser to your hairdryer and lift and support the waves while drying.  This takes the weight off the length of the hair allowing the waves to dry in a better curl or wave formation.  P2 Potion can also be applied and scrunch dried if hair is on the straighter side as it provides any texture additional sun protection.

P2 Potion is so lightweight it can be applied repeatedly while at the beach or poolside for on-going summer sun protection.  Its amazing styling properties also help hair looked groomed while outdoors in the summer wind or salt air.

Check out these Natural Texture creations by these incredible Philip Pelusi Designers!

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Trend Alert ~ Sun Kissed Tips

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Trend Alert ~ Sun Kissed Tips ~ by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

To give summer haircuts a beachy look, we like this season’s low maintenance and low commitment hair color trend Sun Kissed Tips to help create that vibe.  Soft lighter streaks frame the face and are placed strategically at the ends of the hair to give the appearance of a week at the beach but without the harsh damage of the sun.  This color style is relaxed and works no matter the texture.  Plus, this Sun Kissed color trend can last through the summer and doesn’t require any serious upkeep, something today’s consumer really likes.  Then when they are ready to make a Fall seasonal hair color transition, we’re there.

To help keep summer hair color from fading, we recommend our Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Color Lock+ along with a full Philip Pelusi Haircare product system.  We apply our Tela Beauty Organics Color Lock+ to the hair both in the actual color formula for the service but also as part of the guests at home regular conditioning regimen for added color investment protection.

This product is so important all year-round but its incredible sun protection abilities make it absolutely essential in the summer.  Tela Beauty Organics Color Lock+ contains a deep penetrating, substantive Sunflower Seed Extract to help provide superior UV protection.  Sunflower Seed Extract is 3 times more effective against UV radiation helping protect color and strength and improving color-loss protection during shampooing by 38%.  Plus has a strong antioxidant function against free radicals that degrade hair strength and color.

Tela Beauty Organics Color Lock+ also contains a Coconut-Derived Microemulsion that is an optimized blend of coconut-derived emulsifiers that enhance penetration of the UV protective agents, providing the Cystine and Tryptophan present in hair’s keratin by creating a protective shield on the cuticle surface, and sealing in the hair color and protecting its strength.  It provides complete Tryptophan protection, reduces frizz even in high humidity and provides a 37% improvement in moisture content.  The Coconut Protein Micro-emulsion also scores high on flexabrasion strength test meaning hair is more resilient to breakage resulting in healthier, stronger, shinier, more manageable hair and unsurpassed color protection.

Tela Beauty Organics Color Lock+ works in a totally unique way with another key ingredient, our proprietary Fiber Restore Pelusi Plex.  It helps strengthens hair’s internal structure up to 3x’s more than that of untreated hair.  Its small molecular structure is designed to penetrate deeply into the cortex creating new bonds that help strengthen hair fiber similar to the levels in virgin hair.  Not permanently, nothing can do that, but with repeated use Tela Color Lock+ creates an environment for the hair to act, look and perform like healthy hair.

Fiber Restore Pelusi Plex acts like an oxidation shield to help protect color treated hair from surfactant or water stripping, so important especially since water is the #1 color fader.  Fiber Restore Pelusi Plex significantly reduces leakage of color molecules during and after shampooing by helping restore this shield naturally found in healthy hair.  This helps create long lasting color retention and conditioning effects as well as incredible vibrancy and shine.

We also added our Tela Enhancing Blend containing Sophora Flavenscens (Ku SHEN), Ganoderma Lucidium (Reishi Mushroom) Lycarum Barbarum (Wolfberry), and Rehmannia Glutinosa (Chinese Foxglove).  Our proprietary blend provides superior color protection benefits and helps protect hair fabric from free radical pollutant and sun damage.

Check out these Sun Kissed Tips creations by these incredible Philip Pelusi Designers!

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Trend Alert ~ Shaggy Lob

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Trend Alert ~ Shaggy Lob ~ by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

This summer’s Shaggy Lob trend echoes the style ethos of the 1970’s but more importantly it represents an elegant and easy styling option for warm summer weather.  This look was recently made famous by actress Jenna Ortega, star of the hit Netflix series “Wednesday”, as she cut her long locks into this now uber popular hair trend.  Harkening back to “the Rachel”, a.k.a. Jennifer Aniston’s famous haircut, Ortega helped put today’s Shaggy Lob on the map for this season.  And we’ve included the Shaggy Lob as part of our Trend Team’s Spring/Summer Presentation and Salon Training.

The Shaggy Lob combines 3 key elements; traditional 70’s shag layers, the collarbone length of the Lob bob haircut, and curtain bangs.  To create this light, breezy haircut, our Philip Pelusi Trend Team applied their precision skills garnered from our Volumetric™ The Pelusi Method Organic Haircutting System.  The goal is to create a custom Shaggy Lob cut unique to each individual client, taking into consideration texture, density, growth patterns, fall lines, and the shape of the head. 

And equally important to the haircut’s shape is maintaining the condition of sun exposed hair with proper hydration and protection.  This is our thought process behind our Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Guardian Angel Solar Hair SerumUVA/UVB sunlight protectants Sunflower Seed Extract and Chlorophyllin help provide maximum protection of the hair fiber from color fadage and tensile strength degradation due to UV exposure while unique ultra-lux hydrating oils help replenish lost moisture due to sun exposure, heat styling and hair coloring. 

We added USDA Certified Organic Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil, well known as Sachi Inchi Oil, to our Tela Beauty Organics Guardian Angel Solar Hair Serum.  It’s rich in plant protein and fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 Fatty Acids to strengthen, hydrate and help with heat protection.  This incredible ingredient is also rich with hair protective antioxidants Vitamins A and E that help ward off environmental pollutants while helping slow the oxidative process that fades hair color.

Cold-pressed, USDA Certified Organic Quinoa Seed Oil penetrates the cuticle and cortex to smooth, strengthen and enhance hair.  Organic Quinoa, contains all 8 essential amino acids as well as Vitamin E helps create brilliant shine, hydrated stronger hair, reduced frizz and heat protection.  And USDA Certified Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil, rich with Vitamin E and Omega 9 Fatty Acids, adds incredible shine and moisture as well as anti-frizz action.

Apply Tela Guardian Angel Solar Hair Serum to damp hair and scalp every morning prior to any other styling groom, similar to how one would apply a face SPF prior to cosmetics.  A dime to nickel size amount should do the trick, apply starting at the ends working up towards and including the scalp.

Check out these Shaggy Lob-esque creations by these incredible Philip Pelusi Designers!

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