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by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

Healthy looking hair never goes out of style but for Spring 2024 it’s a foundational mind shift, and surprisingly it seems both clients and stylists are on the same page from the get-go.  We’re seeing a positive shift with consumers not only willing but wanting to put the work in up front before even getting to their styling product application. 

Today is seems creating an environment for and maintaining healthy hair is getting a new level of respect including the inclination towards no-heat styling or at least making pre-heat protection a priority for this season’s natural looking and easy-care hair trends, specifically Bobs, they’re back if you haven’t heard!

Hair by Jeffrey R and Philip Pelusi, Photo by Philip Pelusi

Although some of this season’s trends are worn smooth and chic such as a blunt cut bob, most looks for Spring 2024 call for volume and body.  This seems true of both natural textures and hot tooled styles alike.  One of the most noteworthy examples of this big volume trend is style chameleon actress and singer Zendaya’s recent beautiful baroque bob which has that old Hollywood glam vibe.

image source zendaya gettyimages

One of the best ways to describe this current big volume trend is if you put Mary Tyler Moore’s hairstyle from the 60’s into a time machine and modernized it for 2024.  Soft and feminine with big and bold volume.  We’ve been creating these voluminous styles while still meeting the consumer demand for healthy scalp ingredients by recommending our Tela Life Force Fountain of Hair Vitality Serum, also part of the Tela Life Force Collection.

image source marytylermoore gettyimages

This is an all in one, multitask style and treatment serum fits perfectly with today’s healthy scalp trend. We use the Tela Vitality Serum as a primer to pre-treat the scalp and prep the hair.  Massage 4-6 pumps onto the scalp and throughout the length of hair to impart light to moderate texture.  Tela Vitality Serum provides hydration, shine and smoothing benefits.  It can also be applied as part of a weekly deep treatment with the Tela Probiotic Hair Mask to amplify the strengthening benefits.

It contains the Tela Hair Immunity Complex™ with Pre and Probiotic Enzymes, Fermented Kelp Extract and the Hydro-Charged Ceramide Complex to help create brilliant shine, moisturized and stronger hair, reduced frizz and thermal protection.  And it helps body and volume last longer throughout the day.

As another option to hit the healthy big volume mark, we are also recommending our P2 by Philip Pelusi RepairHair Smart Styling Treatment which leaves the hair with even more texture than the Tela Vitality Serum.  It is normally applied to damp hair prior to any other styling product, but P2 RepairHair can also be applied to dry hair prior to flat or curling iron work or hot roller set making it totally unique.  It instantly turns your heat styler into a deep conditioning tool.

P2 RepairHair contains our proprietary, highly specialized Wheat Protein Micro-emulsion which through Microemulsion Technology are the right molecular size to easily penetrate damaged sites, providing thermal protection and heat activated strengthening meaning the heat from styling tools creates a much deeper and quicker penetration. 

By filling in these porous openings in the hair strand, color molecules are retained more securely, significantly reducing color fade.  This modern day leave-in treatment is a quick and effective way to add strength and hair structure resulting in longer lasting styles and more volume.  And it improves the condition of any hair texture. Check out these other voluminous styles created by Philip Pelusi and his Design Teams over the years…

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