P2 Product Video Library

Individual educational product videos of each
P2 by Philip Pelusi product.

Hosted by Nikki,
Philip Pelusi Product Education Director

P2 Xtreme Daily Treatment Liquid Repair Spray

P2 Deep Hair & Scalp Treatment

P2 RepairHair Leave-In Heat Styling Treatment

P2 Clarifying Chlorine & Mineral Removing Shampoo Treatment

P2 DeTox Shampoo Treatment

P2 Roots Hair & Scalp ~ 3 Product System

P2 Fade de phy Shampoo and Fade de phy Conditioner

P2 Moisturesheen Shampoo and Moisturesheen Conditioner

P2 Long gev ity Shampoo and Long gev ity Conditioner

P2 Age de phy Shampoo and Age de phy Conditioner

P2 Clenz Creme No Suds Cleansing Conditioner

P2 Increase Volumizze Shampoo

P2 Lite Leave In Conditioner

P2 Color Boost Conditioner

P2 Increase Smart Styling Treatment

P2 Decrease Smart Styling Treatment

P2 ReCurl Smart Styling Treatment

P2 Potion Smart Styling Treatment

P2 RefresHair Smart Styling Texture Treatment

P2 BrilliantHair Smart Styling Texture Treatment

P2 Hard Stuff

P2 Liquid Mousse

P2 Fixative

P2 Soft Wax

P2 Polish

P2 Honey

P2 Fluid

P2 Define

P2 Rivet & Industrial

P2 Limu Facial Cleanser

P2 Blueberry & Coffee Bean Exfoliating Cleanser

P2 Luminous Peptide Serum

P2 Renew Hyaluronate Elixir

P2 Sage & Citrus Moisturizer

P2 Product Library Haircare & Skincare Study Guide