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Short Layered Cuts ~ by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

Perhaps a liberating alternative for clients still dealing with their overgrown locks from the pandemic, 2024 will continue to see shorter haircuts.  But versatility is the added bonus to this year’s Short Layered Cuts trend.  The looks range from pixies to short versions of the bob haircut.  But all have similar characteristics in that they have layered dimension and texture.  They are also extremely versatile appearing either masculine or feminine depending on how it is styled.

Hair by Philip Pelusi & Jeffrey R ~ Photo by Philip Pelusi

At Philip Pelusi, we created an exclusive haircutting system that uniquely helps our Design staff proficiently execute this year’s Short Layered Cuts trend.  But we’re also happy to see our Volumetric™ The Pelusi Method Organic Haircutting System is still ahead of the curve even in light of some more curious projected trends for 2024 such as personalized AI haircut designs, and contour cutting for clients.

Philip Pelusi teaching his Volumetric The Pelusi Method Organic Haircutting system in Japan circa the 1980’s and still going strong in 2024 and beyond!

Since we first created and launched our groundbreaking Volumetric™ cutting system in the early 1970’s, our goal has been to create a custom haircut unique to each individual client.  We train our design team to take into consideration texture, density, growth patterns, fall lines, and the shape of the head to best accentuate the guest’s facial features and hair fabric type. 

And for styling these Short Layered Cuts, we recommend the third product in our Tela Modern Hair Wear Collection Tela Cashmere Hair Souffle,perfect for versatile short cut styling.  This lightweight serum-like formula creates silky blowouts and smoothed sealed ends.  Tela Cashmere is mostly used on wet hair and blown dry smooth but it can also be applied to hair worn curly or wavy for airdrying.

Tela Cashmere gives the hair fabric a smooth, lustrous shine yet feels like there is nothing on the hair creating the tousled movement important for this trend.  Plus, Tela Cashmere contains the same protective Reishi Mushroom blend benefitting both the hair and scalp.

The Reishi Mushroom, also known as The Mushroom of Immortality, is an Adaptogenic Mushroom known as the most famous of all Asian medicinal mushrooms touted for its unprecedented therapeutic and topical benefits including immune strengthening, mental health support, improved sleep, and even an agent against cancer, just to name a few. 

As an adaptogen, it combines with other actives, using its moisturizing and antioxidant properties to reduce stress, both internally and from environmental factors such as pollution and sunlight.  Reishi Mushroom has world-renowned anti-oxidative benefits and is marketed today in the form of teas, tinctures, and supplements as well as being beneficial in topical products.

reishi mushroom image source

Through our research and development, we at Philip Pelusi saw the unmatched benefits this hero ingredient brings in terms of what it would do for the health appearance of the hair and scalp.  So, we harnessed the Reishi Mushroom’s incredible antioxidant powers to help take hair color protection to an unparalleled level as well as protecting the scalp.  And we threaded this immortal mushroom throughout the entire Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi product collection to glean its benefits with every product application.

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