A Philip Pelusi Positivity Report starring SSC Product Specialist Shannon shared by her Salon Leader Ann!

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Congratulations and great job to Product Specialist Shannon from SSC!  Shannon recently did a LIVE Instagram Video and Ann her Salon Leader says it was a HUGE success!  Ann shares, “Shannon did an Instagram Live Video while in the salon.  She talked about the #livefullyphilippelusi contest while answering questions about a variety of hair topics that the viewers were sending in.  It was so great seeing one of our Rising Stars on this type of Social Media platform for all our followers to see.  She gave such great advice with her vast knowledge of hair.  I am extremely proud of her and am so grateful that I get to work with someone who clearly LOVES what she does.  I look forward to the next live stream from her…tune in!”  Shannon says she talked “about everything from #livefullyphilippelusi to hair product advice to the latest trends.”  Great job Shannon!  And thank you Ann for sharing this great news about your amazing and talented Product Specialist Shannon! ~ Nikki

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