Kudos to Beth at Siena

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To the Management Team at Pelusi salons:

My mother Carolyn J, who is now 85, started coming to PP in early 2015.  She has very fine hair and is very particular about the weekly teasing and styling so that the thin-ness isn’t visible.   

I want you to know that Beth Daudet has given my Mom so much since becoming her stylist.  For starters, Beth’s detailed teasing and styling are perfection, as my Mom would say.  “No one, no one, can tease and style my hair the way Beth does.”   In between her weekly appointments Mom speaks sweetly of Beth in many ways.  “Beth makes me feel beautiful and pretty.  Beth is the only stylist who understands me and talks to me with dignity and respect.”  

I for one, completely agree.  Beth gives my Mom, in her declining years and the beginning of memory loss issues, an hour of attention that is priceless and I cannot thank Beth enough.  The role of the professional stylist is the best ‘therapy’ for my Mom, even more so than a healthcare professional could give.

Thank you from the top to bottom of my heart for Beth and PP for giving my Mom her dignity every single week.