A Beautiful Creative Transformation by Philip Pelusi Elite Colorist Miranda @RTM!

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Thank you, Miranda for sharing this absolutely stunning color transformation!  Truly shows your incredible skill level in everything you do at Philip Pelusi! So inspiring!

We asked Miranda to share… “Abigail received a big transformation today we took her from bright pink to a blonde and pale pink.  I utilized our P2 RepairHair and P2 BrilliantHair for her beautiful shine!  I also think this is a great lesson on why it is so important for vivids to be done professionally.  Her pink lasted so well AND was able to be removed effortlessly!”

Miranda is a Philip Pelusi Elite Colorist and Product Specialist!

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A Super Inspiring Guest Success Story from Product Specialist Shannon @ SSC

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Thank you Shannon for sharing your amazing hair success story! Outstanding guest product education, showing cut + color + product + styling lesson = chic style that make your guests smile!

We asked Shannon to share…Re-discovering Tela Boost…  We have all done it… Fell into what’s comfortable.  I think it’s really easy especially post-(ish) pandemic.  I was falling into my what I like to call my comfort products.  And while the products were working for me, I wasn’t thinking outside the box.  Flash forward to about a week ago I had one of my clients who had a shag haircut tell me that she was looking to add more texture to her already extremely texturized hair cut… this forced me to think outside of what I was normally doing for her.  On top of adding some highlights. I decided to use Tela Boost on her as a prep spray (on dry hair right before curling.)  This took her hair’s texture to the next level while also providing some hold!  Hoping everyone takes some time today to re-discover their favorite products today!!! 💕”

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Big Congrats Philip Pelusi Product Specialist Maggie!

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A big congratulations to Philip Pelusi Product Specialist Maggie @ SSC for this amazing product achievement!

We asked Maggie to share…  “Just yesterday I sold the P2 HairRx X-treme Repair Spray to a longtime Philip Pelusi guest who had never bought products before.  She was so thrilled because when we used it, she could notice an immediate difference in the strength of her hair!” 

Outstanding guest education Maggie!  Thank you and congratulations!!!

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A Philip Pelusi Positivity Report starring SSC New Talent Designer James!

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Siena Guest Services Manager Dana shares…  I want to gush about James and his guest experience from yesterday.  As a new designer, sometimes selling products is difficult.  James sold by being himself and sharing his love and knowledge with the guest.  He now has a six month plan with the guest to achieve their goal while strengthening the hair for maximum potential.  I am so proud and excited to see what his future holds with us.

Siena New Talent Designer James shares… I had a such a great experience with a guest today.  She came in very concerned about the condition of her hair.  After assessing, we came to the conclusion that her hair had taken quite a bit of damage from lightening over the years.  So we did her roots and suggested a gloss for her ends to give her a more uniform look without further damaging her hair.  We also performed a hair Spa Therapy Treatment and trimmed her dead ends.  After seeing her for just one visit her hair was already looking so much healthier!  We were both so pleased with the results she wanted to book out for the next six months and bought all of the products I suggested!  The smile on her face at the end reminded me why I love what I do.

Thank you and congratulations James!  Your inspiring words truly go to the heart of the incredible effect Philip Pelusi Designers can have on our guests through consultation, education, services, products and most of all, heart!  Thank you, Dana for sharing the amazing success of your amazing Designer! ~ Nikki

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A CRN Superhero in this Philip Pelusi Positivity Report!

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CRN Salon Leader Kris shares…

“So huge shout out to Tina!! She has been an amazing help to all of the cranberry team!!!! Thank you Tina for not only helping the new designers to grow, with volumetrics cutting and highlights!!!! But also helping guest services transition over to the new computer system.”

Tina in action!!!
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The Siena Desk Rocks Roots to End as shared by Dana the SSC Guest Service Manager!

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Dana shares…

“I wanted to share that the Siena Desk is doing a fabulous job booking & educating healthy hair treatments over the phone.  We have found that when the timing allows, a simple question of “how do you feel about the condition of your hair?” opens a discussion with the guest.  We are then able to quickly and efficiently go over “this month’s special” of the Root to End Therapy Treatment. 

The simple statement of “Healthy Hair starts with a healthy scalp” is proving to make a huge impact in getting guests interested in the service.  We also have an intriguing display in our waiting area with bullet points about the service.  While guests are waiting for their designer, the guest services team is able to suggest looking over the display.  This helps the designer get the conversation going about scheduling future treatments.

It’s all about energetically informing the guest of their styling potential without being overbearing.  Below is a little snip of what we’re using…”

Using powerful organic nutrition with Probiotic enzymes, it gently exfoliates the scalp to transform all hair textures and scalps.  This super-charged intensive treatment helps deeply repair, hydrate & strengthen hair while nourishing and stimulating the scalp.
Color is protected
Strength is infused
Shine is restored

$45 = 30 minute service including a deep scalp massage.

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Good Growing Vibes at The Block as shared by their Salon Leader Dani!

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Had to share the vibes at The Block lately! Our Team is enhancing and building their books like I’ve never seen before!! Not only are our numbers growing daily, we are having a lot of fun while growing! For the month of August, we are having a contest to focus on BAH and Enhancements.

Paige is taking the lead so far with BAH and Mickaela is taking the lead in Enhancements! Our Team LOVES a little friendly competition, so the vibe in here has been great!! We are so grateful and excited as well for our Grand Opening coming soon!!!!

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