NEW! Introducing Philip Pelusi Rock N Rococo!

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Brought to you from the Philip Pelusi Film Studio…  Philip Pelusi Rock N Rococo! 

Don’t blink or you’ll miss something!  The wild amalgamation of Rococo… the French art form of exceptionally ornamental and dramatic style that combines asymmetry, scrolling curves, pastels and gilded gold.  With Rock… the incredible hair and makeup, photoshoot aesthetic and attire, the jammin’ techno beat music and vivid visuals!

So, get ready to Rock N Rococo with this over the top film tribute to just a few of the hundreds of thousands of incredibly beautiful, timeless hairstyles created and photographed by Visionary, Product Artist, Photographer, and Salon Developer Philip Pelusi!

View here on or the Philip Pelusi Facebook page!  And soon to be on the Salon TV Monitors!  This episode is part of a film series commissioned by Philip! 

Philip Pelusi…A Playground for Hair!  More to come!  Stay tuned!  Want to watch it again?  Or show a potential New Talent?  It’s archived on Films by Philip Pelusi (