The Philip Pelusi Chic Geek ~ Incredible Ingredient…The Pelusi P2 Matrix Blend

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by Nikki ~ Product Education Director

When it comes to creating the best haircare products in the world, Philip Pelusi is like a master chef.  Not only selecting the very best ingredients but also his use of Micro Emulsion Technology to perfect the size of these ingredients for the best penetration but also to create incredibly unique proprietary blends that make his products one of a kind.

Philip Pelusi in product action at NYC Fashion Week!

One of these blends is The Pelusi P2 Matrix Blend consisting of 6 natural plants; Matricaria, Asafetida, Sage, Horseradish, Grapeseed and Blackberry.  These natural wonders arm the hair and scalp with a quadruple threat against harmful conditions serving as Antioxidants, Ultra-Violet Ray Filters, Strengthening Proteins and Weightless Moisturizers.  The Pelusi P2 Matrix Blend is found in P2 Potion, the first product created to contain this totally unique ingredient blend, but it is also peppered throughout the P2 product line.  Here’s why this revolutionary blend benefits the hair and scalp.

The Pelusi P2 Matrix Blend serves as Antioxidants to help protect hair color from fading and to help protect the hair from hair-degrading free-radical pollutants.  How does this work?  Once hair has been touched by ammonia (present in hair color) it leaves a small oxidative footprint, even after being properly cleanses away, that will cause oxidation (fading).  The antioxidants in The Pelusi P2 Matrix Blend will dramatically help slow this process.  Free radical pollutants (pollutants present in the air) also land on the hair and skin degrading or weakening the hair fabric.  Again, The Pelusi Matrix Blend helps guard against this.

The Pelusi P2 Matrix Blend serves as UV Filters to help protect hair and scalp from the degrading rays of the sun.  Did you know the sun can give hair a sunburn similar to skin?  It’s true!  The Ultra-Violet Rays of the sun degrade the collagen and elastin in the skin, but it also erodes the protein in the hair.  Day to day and most definitely prolonged exposure to the sun means weak, porous, tangled, dry, dull and faded color.

This is because UV Rays erode the cuticle and eventually the cortex of the hair leaving hair porous and vulnerable to even more damage from color, chemicals and heat styling.  We know that once enough protein is chipped away, hair strands thin and eventually break off.  Nothing can permanently block sunlight, but with consistent application of The Pelusi P2 Matrix blend through various products such as P2 Potion, we can help prevent and reduce sun damage, helping to protect beautiful hair and color investments alike.

The Pelusi P2 Matrix Blend serves as Strengthening Proteins that not only help make hair more resilient to damage (color, chemical, heat, styling) but also help create slip to the surface of the hair helping with detangling.  They also help fill in broken cuticle sights making hair feel smooth and look shinier.

The Pelusi P2 Matrix Blend serves as Weightless Moisturizers that help hydrate hair and scalp.  This means better protection while heat styling, better detangling and a smoother hair surface.  Great for before and after sun exposure too but with a light natural feel.  Nothing heavy or sticky.

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